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MAGNATTACK™ Global are experts in specialist magnetics for the food industry including magnetic equipment for blow lines and vacuum lines and magnetic equipment for high pressure liquid lines, Auto self cleaning grate magnets and variable centred RAPIDCLEAN™ grate magnets, as well as specialized magnet/filter systems for liquids.

MAGNATTACK™ Global manufactures internationally HACCP endorsed RE80™ Ultra High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Separation Systems aimed to ensure liquid, powder and granular products are free of magnetic fragments including magnetic stone. Current successful developments are why MAGNATTACK™ Global include high intensity, fully automatic and self cleaning grate magnet systems which are available to the food industry, worldwide. Also, MAGNATTACK™ Global provides endorsed solutions to metal fragment extraction from pnuematic blow line transfers, using the MAGNATTACK™ Sperical Blowline magnet. This unit has proven successful in many powderd applications such as corn starch, flour, dairy powders and more.

With almost half a century of experience in sensitive food industry magnetics, MAGNATTACK™ Global offers proven solutions to many of the most difficult magnetic fragment issues in the industry. We export worldwide and offer technical support and back-up.

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