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liquid pressure pipeline pressure magnets

MAGNATTACK™ Global have increased development of efficient magnetic separation for liquid products and have developed high intensity inline magnets for this purpose. The MAGNATTACK™ range of liquid Pressure Pipeline liquid magnetic separator systems are designed to efficiently extract magnetic fragments, work hardened stainless steel fragments and stone particles in both viscous and non viscous liquid food products. The liquid pipeline magnets consist of a special pressure vessel housing that is pre-tested in every case, that high intensity magnetic elements or probes pass through and into the product stream. The Pressure Pipeline magnet system is designed so that the open area around the magnet is the same as the open area in the product pipeline meaning there are no issues with pressure drop or pressure buildup in such situations.

This high grade, Internationally endorsed equipment can be used for product protection against metal fragment issues and product complaints and can also be used to protect pumps, homogenisers and highly sensitive expensive equipment such as extruders, against damage caused by entry of magnetic metal fragments.

MAGNATTACK™ Pressure pipeline liquid magnets can be made to suit pipelines from 1” through to 8” and the RE80™ magnetic elements inside the pressure pipeline liquid magnets are of a high temperature grade for product or CIP temperatures up to 150°C.

Currently using MAGNATTACK™ liquid Pressure Pipeline inline magnets are major dairy and cheese processing facilities internationally, ice cream manufacturing, pie manufacturing , pet food manufacturing, brine, sauce and soup manufacturing, chocolate manufacturing, food paste manufacturing and fruit juice and slurry manufacturers.

MAGNATTACK™ Global offer proven, endorsed magnetic separation solutions to the food industry worldwide.

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