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self cleaning magnets
Self Cleaning Magnets

MAGNATTACK™ Global has developed a revolutionary 10,000 gauss self cleaning grate magnet designed for continuous extraction of metal fragments from dry product such as grain and powders. This is a major advancement on drum magnets in which a maximum of approx 5,000 gauss can be achieved. The 10,000 gauss self cleaning grate magnet is configured to clean automatically at intervals depending on the volume of metal being collected on the magnet. This can be set up using internal PLC controls or with the systems own stand alone controls.

The self cleaning design allows for continuous separation of metal with no need for operators to clean the grate magnet. Special facilities and features are incorporated into the self cleaning magnet system, which compensate and minimise abrasive wear and loss of magnetic strength over time and production hold ups caused by blockages.

Internationally endorsed, the design has undergone strenuous testing in harsh grain environments and returned very positive results with components lasting very well in the self cleaning design and construction of the magnet.

In recent years, MAGNATTACK™ Global has manufactured many self cleaning grate magnets, including a very Large unit for a major grain terminal in which up to 800 tonnes per hour of canola seed is being filtered through the self cleaning grate magnet bars. This has achieved excellent separation results including the removal of magnetic dust and magnetic stone fragments.

During 2013, MAGNATTACK™ Global manufactured and installed MAG-RAM™ self cleaning grate magnets for numerous large food manufacturing facilities around the world. this has led to an increasing appreciation of the technology.

Manually cleaned grate magnets are no longer needed in many applications following the development of a self cleaning grate magnet that finally works and doesn’t jam up with badly designed sleeve and slide type cleaning mechanisms. This new development in self cleaning grate magnets is easily fitted into existing magnet locations both on very small to very large applications.

The idea of self-cleaning magnets is attractive – it cuts manual cleaning labor, provides more ‘contact’ of product with magnet surface, but understandably engineering and production management do not want to satisfy quality personnel at the expense of high maintenance and production hang-ups, downtime and delays. This is why so few self-cleaning installations are yet in place.
With the development of MAG-RAM™, this is no longer an issue as the long awaited design does not allow these issues to occur any more!

MAGNATTACK™ Global offer proven, endorsed magnetic separation solutions to the food industry worldwide.

A Patented MAGNATTACK™ Product.

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