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grate magnets

MAGNATTACK™ Global has developed a wide range of 10,000 gauss grate magnets to suit packing outlets and chutes as well as circular type outlets. The MAGNATTACK™ range of grate magnets have been carefully configured and designed using only the highest grades of material for use in sensitive food applications.

MAGNATTACK™ Global has also developed grate magnet systems such as the RAPID-CLEAN™ grate magnet system and a more recent self cleaning grate magnet already being used successfully across the food industry. The grate magnet systems have been designed with many years experience in the food industry preceding and concentration has been focused on making grate magnets easy to clean for operators.

Grate magnets manufactured by MAGNATTACK™ Global are supplied complete with documented gauss strength at the time of supply. MAGNATTACK™ Global is internationally endorsed for both the high grade equipment supplied, respective documentation and document procedures relating to metal fragment control.

MAGNATTACK™ Global’s range of grate magnets include circular grate magnets for bagging outlets and round apertures, quick cleaning magnets for intakes and before high impact and damage susceptible machinery, easy clean grate magnets, 10,000 gauss grate magnets for HACCP and product security, RAPID-CLEAN™ grate magnets and self cleaning grate magnet systems. The RAPIDCLEAN™ range of grate magnets are also available in a variable centered version for material that is difficult to flow. (patents/patents pending)

MAGNATTACK™ Global offer proven, endorsed magnetic separation solutions to the food industry worldwide.

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