Advantages Of Lab Test Magnets For Analysis Of Product Contamination Levels

WJB Engineering manufactures a very high-grade, high-strength certificated Magnattack® Lab Test Magnets used for testing and analyzing food product samples and metal detector rejects for metal fragments in both dry and wet products.

A new mini 19Ø lab test magnet is now available.

The Magnattack® Lab Test Magnet uses RE80® Magnetics with the option for a high-temperature model withstanding up to 150°C. The unit also comes with a SS sheath over the laboratory test magnet bar to assist with the cleaning of the magnet.

The powerful +10,000 gauss magnet strength enables the laboratory test magnet to effectively collect and retain weakly magnetic fragments and stone particles.

This exceptionally high-grade laboratory test magnet can be safely stored in a special purpose canister which allows the magnetic field to be safely contained – this ensures it is safe to be stored in laboratories or transported by air.

Multiple uses of the Laboratory Test Magnet include:

  • Detecting magnetic contamination in flour, ingredients and liquid foods
  • Probe or suspend into products
  • Test if a substance is magnetic
  • Locate magnetic fragments rejected by metal detectors
  • Concentration on magnetics for interpretation
  • Cleaning of other magnets

Magnattack® Lab Test Magnets fully conform to specification FSS6-1 and current industry standards. Supplied with safety-in-use instructions.

Magnattack® Lab Test Magnets are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are available worldwide and endorsed by HACCP International.

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