Specially Designed Pallecon/Tote Outlet Magnet For Metal Fragment Control

Liquid ingredients can often be the cause of the introduction of metal fragments into food products.

WJB Engineering has developed a magnetic separating device designed for the outlet of Pallecon and tote containers in the food and beverage industry which enables effective metal fragment control over raw incoming liquid ingredients.

The Magnattack® RE80® Tote Outlet Magnet simply screws into the 2" valve or socket and is designed to extract small magnetic particles and fragments from liquid ingredients using certified 10,000 gauss magnetic element.

Use of the Pallecon or Outlet Magnet ensures stainless steel, magnetic stone, and rust fragments are extracted before liquid ingredients are added to mixing or blending operations. The magnet also provides a control on the quality of raw material suppliers. A +10,000 gauss pole band is arranged on the bottom of the flow to ensure that the nastiest of metal fragments or wires score a direct hit to the most powerful part of the magnet. The design of the magnet also ensures the highest percentage retention of such fragments on the magnet until the magnet is cleaned.

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