7 Self-Cleaning Grate Magnets Supplied To Cereal Manufacturer

WJB Engineering has recently completed a major project for a large Sydney-based cereal manufacturer, involving 7 large Magnattack® RE80® Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Grate Magnet Systems.

The high intensity, pneumatic fully automatic Mag-Ram® Separators were chosen for removal of fine, weakly magnetic fragments and for its ability to clean without the need of reliance on operators. This, in turn, makes for greater food safety because the grate magnet bars do not need to be contacted or touched for cleaning.

Self-cleaning magnets are becoming the preferred option in magnetic protection in the food industry as they reduce risks of metal contamination caused by operator error and failure to clean, and also greatly reduce man-hour costs of the time-consuming task of cleaning old-style grate magnets.

WJB Engineering has recently supplied the new development to a major grain port in South Australia with over 500 TPH of throughput capability. Other recent installations of the new self-cleaning magnet system include a major brewery in Tasmania, rice manufacturing facilities in the Riverina area and a major oats manufacturer in Western Australia. Several units are also in use in sensitive dairy powder & infant formula plants throughout New Zealand.

Self-cleaning housings will generally fit in place of existing manually cleaned grate magnets.

The system is also available as a self-cleaning single or twin bar magnet.

With over 40 years’ experience in food industry magnetics, WJB Engineering will provide proven solutions for magnetic separation equipment to suit individual application requirements.

The Mag-Ram is widely patented in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe.

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