Spherical Blowline Magnet Separator for Pneumatic Conveyed Food Products

WJB Engineering has over the last 10 years, been manufacturing a high-intensity blow line magnet, known as the Spherical Magnet, which is designed to extract weakly magnetic fragments from powdered ingredients in the food industry without affecting bulk density.

The Magnattack® Spherical pneumatic blowline/vacuum line magnet offers efficient extraction of tramp iron – large, small, fine, and rust as well as work-hardened stainless steel fragments and magnetic stone particles using the patented RE80® >10,000 gauss technology.

The Spherical Magnet is aerodynamically designed to also allow for use in gravity outfeed situations and on food products containing particulates up to 0.6" / 15 mm with low resistance to flow. It has been engineered to allow for easy and quick removal and re-seal of the magnetic element, ensuring maximum magnet cleaning efficiency.

The blowline magnet is easily installed using either flanges or morris couplings and can be used on blowlines (dilute/lean phase) and vacuum lines up to 6" / 150 mm in diameter.

The Magnattack® Spherical Magnet system can be adapted to suit 2", 3", 3 ½", 4" and 5" pneumatic lines.

WJB Engineering has recently supplied a number of these Spherical units to key players in the dairy industry and has recently become preferred supplier for magnetic separation for one of New Zealand’s major dairy processing outfits.

Designed and manufactured to satisfy key customer standards and conform to current food safety standards and best practices.

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