ARA 13th International Symposium 2015

The patented Mag-Ram Self-Cleaning Magnetic Separator was demonstrated at the 13th International Australian Renderers Association Symposium on the Gold Coast, QLD. One of the most common foreign contamination problems experienced in meat rendering and bone meal processing is small metal pieces originating from drenching capsule springs. These springs remain in the animal’s stomach during the grinding process and are ground up into tiny small pieces. If not removed from the process, they will contaminate final product.

General Manager Kevin Baker was invited to speak at the show and gave a presentation to the ARA members and other show visitors about the dangers of metal contamination in meat meal. The MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Separator has been installed in many meat processing plants across Australia and New Zealand, with great success in metal fragment separation in these harsh environments.

The Mag-Ram has fast become a valuable addition for foreign object control across the meat industry and has been described by a NSW renderer as producing 'a safer, much cleaner and more valuable product than before – a highly recommended innovation'.

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