Food Safety Consortium 2016

Magnattack Global's General Manager Kevin Baker recently attended the 4th Annual Food Safety Consortium, an event focused on food safety education and networking to bring to light new technology and best practices in today's food safety challenges.

The Consortium consisted of a variety of presentations, from panel discussions, workshops, training programs and ‘Ask the Experts’ discussion groups, to individual presentations. Kevin was invited to speak at the event and presented on a variety of topics including:

  • The importance of metal fragment controls being adequate and compliant to current standards,
  • Metal detectors vs magnets,
  • Magnet validations, and
  • Gauss testing vs pull testing.

Also attending the event were testing agents DL Newslow & Associates, Inc. in booth #115. Debbie Newslow, the founder of DL Newslow, is a well-known and respected professional in the food industry, providing food processors with invaluable food safety training, quality assurance system designs assistance and gap analysis. The firm represents Magnattack Global with validation services, reports, and magnet risk analysis’ in the United States.

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