Magnattack Combines Magnet & Filter Combination To Boost Liquid Line Separation Efficiency.

The Magnattack Magnet Filter Combo has been designed for use in sensitive liquid applications. The design combines 316SS fine filtering systems and high-temperature-resistant RE80™HT magnet technology within one body, to attract and retain work-hardened stainless steel, magnetic stone, and fine microscopic metal contamination that could escape filters.

This combination improves magnetic separation efficiency for product protection against metal fragment issues and product complaints, and maximizes protection against damage to pumps, homogenizers, and highly sensitive equipment. The design also reduces leakage, blockage, and distortion, and is suitable for product and CIP temperatures to 150°C/302°F.

The >10,000 gauss RE80™HT magnet element intercepts the flow of product, providing maximum contact of product with the magnet with minimal resistance to flow. The system is suitable for both viscous and non-viscous liquid products and has proven effective in chocolate, syrup, liquid sugar, oils, soups, sauces, pet food slurries and liquid dairy product applications.

The system is certified by HACCP International. It enables users to eliminate old-style, difficult-to-clean, finger-type magnets, saving the operator time in cleaning of magnets and filters separately, and reducing costs.

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