Nestle Foreign Bodies Day 2016

Magnattack Productions Manager Rob Baker and Natalie Millar were recently invited to attend and present at the Nestle Foreign Bodies Day held at one of their Sydney locations. Their presentation covered the dangers of metal fragment contamination and steps that can be taken to reduce the risks and maintain a 'zero tolerance for contamination policy'.

Other key suppliers also spoke during the day, including a variety of metal detection companies. Discussions arose regarding the need of metal detectors and magnets, and, backed up with previous research of Magnattack, the view was shared by all that MD’s and magnets complement each other and should both be included in food processing lines to ensure maximum product security. Typically, magnets should be installed upstream of metal detectors as they are able to detect and retract magnetic fragments without causing a lot of product reject and nuisance trips. Metal detectors are essential for final security checks to ensure that the product is clean before packing.

Read the full case study on metal detectors and magnetic separation equipment here

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