ARA Symposium 2017

Who: Calvin Ruddiman - Technical Support Manager, Magnattack Global
Booth # 26
What: Magnattack Mag-Ram Self-Cleaning Separator, Spherical Blowline Separator, High-Intensity Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator.
Where: Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast QLD
When: Tuesday 25th - Friday 28th July 2017

For the second year running, Magnattack™ attended the annual International ARA Symposium.

The Australian Renderers Association Conference is a must-attend event for all key decision-makers and employees in the meat meal and rendering industry. This years event provided 4 full days of networking including a full day of workshops based around a theme of 'what tomorrow holds'. Over 30 key industry speakers from Australia, NZ, America, Europe, and Asia gave presentations at the show.

At the previous event, General Manager Kevin Baker showcased the Mag-Ram™ Self-Cleaning Magnetic Separator and how to improve your meat meal quality through contaminant reduction. In response to the large amount of interest that was shown in our rendering solutions, we returned again with the Mag-Ram™ and added the Spherical Blowline Separator and High-Pressure Pipeline Separator to our display.

The Spherical™ Blowline Separator is suited to 4” - 8” (100mm - 200mm) pneumatic transfers, whilst the High Intensity Liquid Pressure Pipeline System provides effective metal fragment control in meat emulsion and viscous liquids.

Learn about Magnattack™'s success in meat rendering and bone meal applications

Visit next years event to stay up to date with this rapidly-advancing industry!

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