Auspack 2017

Who: Magnattack Global and Active Magnetics Research
Stand # 366
WhatMagnattack RE80 Magnetic Separators for the food industry worldwide, with a specific focus on dairy, meat rendering, and liquid applications.
Where: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
When: Tuesday 7th - Friday 10th March 2017

What an event!

Auspack 2017 was a massive success for the Magnattack® team, providing a jam-packed 4 days of meeting new and existing clients in the food processing industry. Our stand highlighted the importance of having metal fragment control in all food lines – from meat rendering to dairy, powders, sugar, liquids...the list goes on.

The new Magnattack® RE80® Dimple-Mag® Plate Magnet made its entrance into the market at the show. This piece of equipment has been specially designed for winery plants to extract the metal contamination commonly found in the grapes as they come in from the field and begin the crushing process.

Also presented to the public for the first time was the Magnattack® Shuffle Mat. This mat is a new design in addition to the Transfer Control Mat. It features hundreds of reinforced polyurethane nodules which allow for better cleaning and removal of fragments under work boots and other factory footwear.

Co-exhibiting with Magnattack® was HACCP International-certified AMR Consulting, who specialize in magnet validations and plant assessments.

Check out images of our stand below:

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