Are My Magnetic Separators Effective?

Q: How do I know if my magnetic separators are effective as they should be?  A: A common misconception in the food industry is that the effectiveness of a magnetic separator is determined by its gauss or pull test alone....but this isn't correct! The strength of the magnet, whilst important, is only 1 factor out of many that we should consider when judging whether you have effective magnetic separators that are providing you with maximum foreign metal control. Some other important factors include:
  • The configuration of magnet bars/tubes - the wrong configuration can cause 1 of 2 problems: insufficient product stream coverage, or blockage of the product stream. The right configuration will provide you with maximum coverage with no leaks, build-up, or blockages.
  • Product stream coverage - is maximum product to magnet coverage being achieved? The wrong magnet in the wrong location could mean that you aren't achieving maximum control over the presence of foreign metal.
  • Installation - is the magnet installed in the correct location? Is it installed at the correct angle? Installing a magnet incorrectly can leave parts of the process line unprotected or at risk. This could lead to equipment damage and downtime, especially if a magnet is not installed before processing equipment susceptible to damage.
  • Product/application - this plays a massive role in the effectiveness of your foreign metal fragment control. You may have a high-strength, sanitary magnet...but that doesn't mean it is the best option for all types of food ingredients and applications! Where is it positioned? Can it be easily cleaned? Does the design work with the product being treated? Is it sanitary? What are the variables?
Although we must consider these factors, there is no set checklist for determining a magnetic separators effectiveness. If you are serious about foreign metal fragment control then it is best to have a magnet technician analyse your application and the variables and provide advice. If you would like expert opinion on the effectiveness of your magnets...then we're here to help! Contact the Magnattack Global team and a technician will respond ASAP.

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