DectaSafe joins Magnattack Group of Distributors

Magnattack Global has announced an exciting new partnership with DectaSafe, a highly-regarded Swedish-based supplier of metal-detectable products. The agreement involves the distribution of HACCP-certified RE80™ Magnetic Mats, RE80™ Test Magnets, and other Magnattack solutions for metal fragment control throughout Scandinavia and Europe. The inclusion of Magnattack equipment is part of DectaSafe’s commitment to providing quality solutions to help food processors meet the rising demand for safer food production and handling in the industry. Commenting on the agreement, Kevin Baker, General Manager of Magnattack Global, said: "DectaSafe was chosen as a suitable supplier for Magnattack products in Europe and we are very pleased they have joined our group of distributors". Baker added "Magnattack Global and DectaSafe both share the same passion and dedication to increasing metal fragment controls throughout the food industry, and providing effective solutions to reduce the risk of product recalls, reputation loss, and equipment damage". Alongside the magnets, DectaSafe also supplies metal-detectable products, hand hygiene systems and a food safety consultation service. "We are happy to start our partnership with Magnattack Global as we see a big potential for their magnetic food safety and metal fragment controls throughout the food processing industry in Scandinavia and Europe", said Thomas Johansson, General Manager of DectaSafe. Our aim has been to increase our DectaSafe range of food safety products and equipment to meet the rising demand from our customers, so I firmly believe that our cooperation with Magnattack Global will enable us to meet this increasing need in the market". The Magnattack solutions provided by DectaSafe are now available to customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, and Iceland. Throughout 2018 they will also become available to customers in Norway.

For more information on the DectaSafe range or to contact Thomas Johansson, please click here or phone +46 3 713 3037.

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