Hump Magnet Supplied To Pharmaceutical Company.

A pharmaceutical company* recently contacted MAGNATTACK™ Global for assistance with their metal fragment controls. The client, located in Australia, was experiencing difficulty with an existing Drum Magnet that they had previously purchased from another magnet supplier. The Drum Magnet had a number of mechanical and functional problems that were having a negative effect on the flow of product. This resulted in the magnet being completely removed from the process which left the product highly susceptible to foreign metal contamination. Keen to increase their metal fragment controls and the safety of their product, but reluctant to install another ineffective Drum Magnet, the client employed MAGNATTACK™ to overcome the challenge and supply a suitable solution. After assessing the application and taking into account the clients budget and requirements, MAGNATTACK™ Technicians proposed Hump Magnet configuration with 2 x RE80™ Plate Magnets installed opposite to each other in the chute housing.   This was effective in that it had minimum restriction to the product flow, _________,
  • prior to the mill? protection against fire and spark danger caused by excess metal wear.
hump mag - better p2m contact - 2d chance - hits 2 plates. The 2 x Plate Magnet configuration ensured that any metal contaminants that escaped the 1st plate could be captured by the 2nd magnet, offering higher product-to-magnet contact and the assurance of higher product security. RE80™ Magnetics ensured high-strength... The system was installed in poppy seed - indian hemp. The magnets were manufactured in accordance with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010, and is certified by HACCP International.   *Name of company withheld for confidentiality reasons. 

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