New Magnetic Separator for Pet Food

Magnattack® Global has developed a new RE80®HT Magnetic Separator for pet food applications, designed to assist manufacturing companies with foreign metal fragment control. The RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator was developed and successfully trialed in 2016 with a major multi-national pet food manufacturer. Following this success, this magnetic separator now provides efficient magnetic separation in viscous liquid and meat emulsion applications worldwide.


During 2016, a major multi-national pet food manufacturer* contacted Magnattack® Global to discuss the most suitable method to extract metal contaminants from thick, viscous pet food slurries. Previously the client relied on outdated Liquid Trap Magnets (also known as Finger Pot Magnets) however found these to be very troublesome. A plant operator holds a Finger Pot Magnet Conventional Liquid Trap Magnets are often heavy, cumbersome, difficult to clean properly, and can cause frequent blockages in the product stream. The client required an inline magnetic separator that was sanitary, easy to clean, and had little-to-no impact on the flow of product. After assessing the application and product characteristics, Magnattack® technicians worked with the client's engineers to design and trial the new RE80®HT Emulsion and Slurry Pipeline Separator. Following the successful trial, the customer proceeded to purchase 30+ units for various plants around the world. The systems are also now being utilized by other pet food manufacturers throughout Europe, North America, and Oceania.


The Magnattack® RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is considered a breakthrough for the pet food industry, enabling efficient extraction of tiny metal fragments beyond what has been previously possible. The system features powerful, high-intensity 10-11,000 gauss Acutex Probe Magnets. These patented Probe Magnets intercept the flow of product and extract metal fragments including work-hardened stainless-steel and stone particles. The unit is certified by HACCP International and conforms to HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010. Magnattack Meat Emulsion and Slurry Pipeline Magnetic Separator for Pet Food


The RE80® Acutex™ Magnet Probes were originally designed by Magnattack® in 2014. The distinctive tear-drop shape of the probe allows for smooth transition of viscous products around the magnet with minimum resistance to the flow. At the same time, maximum product contact with the high intensity 10-11,000 gauss magnets is achieved. The peak of the probe is faced towards the oncoming product stream, ensuring that the collected magnetic fragments are ‘washed’ around to the back of the probe and safely retained until cleaning operations are conducted. This greatly reduces the risk of recontamination caused by the impact of the flow of product dislodging the collected fragments and reintroducing them back into the product stream. magnattack-tear-drop-probe-magnet


Cleaning operation of the Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is simple. The probes can be removed from the separator and wiped clean before reinsertion. It is recommended that the probes are left in the product stream during CIP operation as often metal fragments remain in the line and are lost when the CIP is run, or cause contamination in the CIP fluid. As these fragments are dislodged by the CIP fluid and pass the magnet probes, they will likely be retained. This reduces the risk of fragments entering processing equipment further downstream and causing damage or further contamination. The magnet probes can be supplied with safety locks and proximity switch safety devices to prevent the magnets being withdrawn during processing. Additional spare magnetic probes can be purchased with the unit - these will allow cleaning operators to conduct a fast changeover of the probes in operation, and then clean the existing magnet probes without compromising product quality. This will also assist in avoiding production delays.


The units can be installed in horizontal, vertical, or sloping installations of 1”-6” (25 mm – 152 mm) pipelines. RE80®HT technology enables these magnets to withstand temperatures up to 302°F/150°C. Aside from pet food palatants or meat slurries, the RE80™HT Emulsion and Pipeline Separator is also successful in applications such as;
  • Chicken mince,
  • Turkey processing,
  • Pie fill mixes,
  • Sausage minces and emulsions,
  • Various other meat emulsions,
  • Processed offal, and
  • Shortening.


Dura-Slik® Technology has been recently developed by Magnattack® Global to reduce rapid wear and damage to magnets installed in abrasive product lines. Dura-Slik® can be applied to the Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Magnet Separator to increase the longevity of the system and help maintain its effectiveness in removing foreign metal.


Magnattack® Global technicians concentrate solely on the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. This specialized focus ensures that we can provide a current, relevant, and knowledgeable source regarding foreign metal fragment control. Our R&D team is continuously developing new systems and finding new ways to improve magnetic separation systems for the food industry worldwide. Our #1 priority is to create effective solutions that will minimize your risk of metal contamination, food recall, and brand reputation damage. For more information on Magnattack® Global metal fragment control solutions and how we can assist you in providing a safe product, please contact an experienced Magnattack® technician. Disclaimer: This information is provided without prejudice and is intended to assist in education regarding developments in magnetic separation technology. Magnattack Global blog posts do not intend to undermine any product, person, manufacturer, or company, but rather intend to provide experienced opinions for assistance to the industry that Magnattack Global associates with. Please refer to Magnattack Global Terms of Use. *Name of pet food manufacturing company withheld for confidentiality reasons. ***

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