$20,000+ ROI on Pressure Pipeline Separators For Confectionery Company

A confectionery company has proven a $20,000 ROI with Magnattack® Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separators in their cocoa butter lines in the first 12 months! 

In early 2019 the customer purchased 2 x single probe RE80®HT Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separators (PPS Magnets) through a Magnattack® dealer. The key objectives of the project were to protect their pumps from wire and stainless-steel wear generated from upstream processing equipment, reduce potential threats to final product security, and find a solution that would satisfy the needs of all Quality, Production, and Maintenance departments. 

After the initial application assessment, the customer purchased and installed their new magnetic separators. As the application was liquid chocolate, the magnets were supplied with jacketing to ensure the lines were kept at the specified temperature and the quality of the chocolate was not compromised. 

The magnets were installed following their chocolate conches and enrober, which is typically an area of high stainless-steel wear. This is one location in a chocolate plant where magnets are recommended to reduce the risk of downstream equipment damage. 


Less than 12 months later, we were happy to receive this feedback from the dealer: 

"[The customer] is very happy with the magnets they bought from you. They found stainless-steel wire caught on the magnets which saved the pumps downstream. They have saved the pumps TWICE now! And each pump rebuild costs about $10,000 so the PPS Magnets have paid for themselves well and truly. Now they are wanting to put the same magnets on the rest of their lines..."

Magnattack® dealer

The PPS has been proven successful for several confectionery companies in the Asia Pacific and is now becoming increasingly popular in North American processing plants. 

Here are some of the benefits the Pressure Pipeline Separators hold for chocolate manufacturers: 

  • Easy to install
  • Easy and quick to clean 
  • Cost-effective replacements, if required (replacement of magnet probe only, not entire housing) 
  • Significant ROI for customers - including by protection of downstream equipment and reduction of final product contamination risks 
  • Jacketing available - maintain line temperature and product flow 
  • Designed to NOT cause product stream blockages or leaks - efficacious design
  • Minimal resistance to flow
  • Powered by ultra-high RE80®HT Magnet Technology - removal of fine magnetic fragments including work-hardened stainless-steel, wire, and stone
  • Sanitary & hygienic design - approved by HACCP International, designed in conformance to International Food Safety Standard for final magnets MAGSEP 1-2010. 

  • 80%+ product stream coverage - essential for applications where high metal-fragment content is typical
  • Proven more effective than Liquid Trap Magnets/Pot Magnets and other designs which consist of multiple magnet fingers welded to a lid 

  • Versatile - suited to vertical, sloping, and horizontal pipelines; suitable for positive pressure and suction lines; suits products with lumps to approximately 0.4" 

Are the magnetic separators in your plant giving a positive ROI? 

Our team can help you determine if your magnets are as effective as they should be and they can help organize your next Magnet Validation.

Annual Magnet Validations help track the effectiveness of your magnets and are essential for identifying and reducing metal contamination risks. 

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