IAOM Conference 2019

WHO: CAT Equipment Co. and Russell Paskewitz of Magnattack Global
WHAT: Magnattack Magnetic Mat and RE80 Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet
WHERE: Denver, Colorado, USA
WHEN: April 15-19, 2019  
EVENT WEBSITE: https://www.iaom.info/annualmeeting/

The International Association of Operative Miller's 123rd Annual Conference & Expo will take place in Denver, Colorado later this month.

Chris Schentzer of Cat Equipment Co and Russell Paskewitz of Magnattack Global will be showcasing the Magnattack Magnetic Mat and the Spherical Magnet at booth 132 of the show.

The Magnetic Mat is designed to prevent tracking of metal contaminants from your maintenance shop into sensitive areas. The system is an effective control that will satisfy your food safety auditors and customers.

The Spherical Magnet is a powerful, advanced alternative to conventional bullet-style magnets. The Spherical is designed to give you a higher level of metal separation efficiency in your dry product lines.

Register now - https://www.iaom.info/annualmeeting/online-registration/

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