5 Sanitary Advantages of The Mag-Ram Self-Cleaning Grate Magnet

With an increased focus on food safety and product purity in the industry, and with regulations such as FSMA becoming more stringent, it is essential that your processing equipment and magnetic separators are of sanitary design. 

Most magnetic separators used in the food industry are of manual clean design, and this can be the cause of some sanitary concern especially if they are not being cleaned adequality or frequently. The Mag-Ram Automatic Self-Cleaning Grate Magnet is an answer to such concerns. 

These are 5 of the sanitary advantages of the Mag-Ram Magnetic Separator.

Mag-Ram Sanitary Advantage 1: Frequent automatic cleaning 

The Mag-Ram's ability to frequently self-clean before, during, and after production runs reduces risk of operator error and prevents contaminants from building up. 

Aside from magnets, plant operators are required to monitor and clean many other pieces of equipment...and sometimes there are hundreds! A simple operator error, such as forgetting to clean a magnet or not cleaning a magnet properly, can result in a build-up of collected contaminants, shorting-out, and recontamination of the product stream. 

Mag-Ram Sanitary Advantage 2: HACCP International and USDA dairy accepted design  

Like all Magnattack RE80 Magnetic Separators, the Mag-Ram is certified by HACCP International and engineered in compliance with Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010. The Mag-Ram also has USDA Acceptance in the dairy category. This compliance is proof that the Magnattack range is suitable for highly sensitive food applications. 

USDA Dairy Certified Mag-Rams have internal welds removed, no cracks or crevices, no exposed threads, and other modifications that are highly attractive to dairy powder and pharmaceutical companies.

Mag-Ram Sanitary Advantage 3: Greatly reduced risk of human and bacterial contamination

Usually when operators manually clean magnetic separators, the magnets bars/drawers/probes/etc are removed outside of the product stream and the magnet housing/pipework is left open. This increases the risk of potential ingress of harmful bacteria or human contact that may not be allowed in certain situations such as infant formula powders and pharmaceutical applications.

The absence of stainless-steel sleeves in the Mag-Ram (as with all Magnattack magnets) ensures the design is sanitary and in line with current food industry standards. Here is an excerpt from our recent post on the dangers of sleeved magnets:

Magnet sleeves are a breeding ground for bugs and bacteria. Food product (or any type of contaminant for that matter) that is entrapped between the sleeve and the internal magnet can trigger mold and bacterial growth. This is a serious sanitary concern and the justification for sleeved magnet configurations being excluded from the HACCP International Food Safety Magnet Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.  

Magnattack Global Article "Overcoming Challenges Experienced With Sleeved Magnets", May 2018

Mag-Ram Sanitary Advantage 4: Enclosed Ram working mechanism

The Mag-Ram contains multiple 'Rams' (or bars) which retract one-by-one for cleaning to an external chamber. The working mechanism of the Ram action is fully enclosed within the cylinder to eliminate external mechanical pinch points, prevent adverse external factors such as dust and grime from reducing the mechanical efficiency, and provide a more sanitary design.

Mag-Ram Sanitary Advantage 5: Compatability with PLC control systems

The Mag-Rams compatibility with PLC control systems allows for frequent cleaning of the magnets. This ensures potential build-up of magnetic material is minimized and reduces the risk of metal re-entering the product stream.

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The Mag-Ram is widely patented in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe.

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