Mustard Processing Company Partners with Magnattack Global & AMR Consulting To Increase Food Safety

A mustard processing company in Wisconsin USA recently reached out to AMR Consulting and Magnattack Global to validate their magnetic separation equipment, and to help them increase their metal fragment control and food safety.

The client recognized the need to verify the true efficacy of their existing magnets and to uncover any gaps in their control of foreign metal in their dry and liquid process lines.

Following the receipt of their AMR HACCP-endorsed Magnet Validation Report, which identified their areas of risk, the client worked with Magnattack® technicians to develop an effective correction plan to close these gaps. This plan not only included upgrading to new, advanced magnetic separation systems where required but also suggested important procedures to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of current magnets to further reduce metal contamination risks. 

It was important to the client that their new magnets were cost-effective, reliable, and would be a long-term solution for their foreign metal control. It was also extremely valuable for this company to have the validation reports and HACCP Certificates to show their own customers and auditors that they have taken the most responsible action to reduce risk of foreign metal contamination in their final product.

Following this contact, the client has installed new RE80® +11,000 Gauss Grate Magnets and Pot Magnets that will increase control over foreign metal, reduce contamination risks, and increase the safety of their product. Their new magnetic separators are sanitary, conform to current food industry standard including HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010, and will be a reliable control for metal hazards.

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