2 x Swing-Away Rapidcleans For Dry Food Product Lines

2 x RE80 +11,000 Gauss Rapidclean Swing-Out Style Grate Magnets completed today and ready for dispatch to a valuable food industry client. These Rapidclean's will be installed in dry food product lines prior to packing, with the purpose of increasing product security and reducing risk of foreign metal contamination in final product.

Swing-Out Style Rapidcleans are ideal for areas of low headroom or where limited space is available for installation.

The units are complete with the Rapidclean Cleaning Tool, which allows for efficient and safe cleaning of collected metal fragments from the magnet bars, outside of the product stream.

Rapidclean Grate Magnets are highly effective in removing ferrous metal fragments from dry food product lines such as flour, sugar, grain, coffee, and other ingredients. They are designed in conformance with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010, and USDA Dairy Accepted models are available for sensitive dairy powder applications.

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