Magnetic Mats for Volcanic Ash – La Soufrière

The team at Magnattack® Global were delighted to collaborate with a processor in the Caribbean to help control Volcanic Ash resulting from the La Soufrière Volcano eruption in April. The processor purchased a magnetic floor mat to help increase product security in their plant.

Fortunately, some properties of volcanic ash make it magnetically susceptible. RE80® magnets can be effective in mitigating the issues of traces of ash migrating through sensitive production areas via foot traffic.

The processors were intrigued by the Mag-Stride® Magnetic Mat and its ability to remove the magnetic ash from shoes prior to entering the sensitive production areas.

Magnattack® Mag-Stride® Magnetic Mat
The Magnattack® Mag-Stride® Magnetic Mat successfully retains metal fragments from shoes

The Mag-Stride® magnetic floor mat truly excels in its purpose. Easy to clean and install, it is the perfect way to add an extra layer of protection to the areas where food safety and product purity are a priority.

Stop contamination in its tracks.

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