Australian Renderers Association 16th International Symposium

We would like to announce that we will soon be exhibiting at the Australian Renderers Association 16th International Symposium in Brisbane, Australia. 

We are excited for the opportunity to meet and speak in front of fellow rendering industry professionals and display some of our magnetic separation equipment at the event. 

We will proudly exhibit our Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Magnet, Round Nose Plate Magnet and Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet, which are some of our most popular metal separation solutions applicable to the rendering industry. 

The theme of the event is “Innovating with Integrity for a Prosperous Future”. Our Director of Sales - Asia-Pacific, Calvin, will present and speak on the topic of “Metal Fragment Control and Product Integrity” and will demonstrate how Magnattack® can help make the biggest difference to the purity of the finished protein meal and ultimately increase the returns on this as a valuable commodity.

Magnattack® Global is focused on ensuring renderers can achieve the highest purity for metal contamination in rendered meal and tallows. This is helping to open a range of new opportunities for renderers to meet the strictest export and pet food requirements. We also want to acknowledge the rendering industry's contribution to reducing land waste and reducing CO2 and upcycling of valuable fats and protein.

We hope to see you and chat with you at the Symposium - visit us in Booth #1!

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