The most common consequence of metal fragment contamination in winery processing is serious damage to expensive processing equipment, which results in the need for costly repairs. This damage caused by metal entering the grape intakes area and damaging crushers, press equipment, must-pumps, de-stemmers, and other process equipment.

Common types of contamination found in incoming grape receival areas include vine fencing staples, pieces of wire, nails, fasteners, and small to medium-sized metal brackets and tools.

Magnattack™ magnetic separators, such as the Dimple-Mag™ Extraction System and the Multi-Finger Receival Bin Magnet, help wineries control foreign metal contamination and protect their equipment.


  • Must-pump protection
  • Protection of crushers and screw flights
  • Compliments harvester magnets
  • Reduces plant & production downtime – especially in busy vintage seasons
  • Prevents damage to expensive equipment
  • Foreign metal contamination risk reduction

Dimple-Mag™ Extraction System:

Designed to prevent bridging and wraparound of vine and stem material, the Dimple-Mag™ Plate Magnet is installed under auger discharges, on chute outlets, or suspended over conveyors and discharge points.

The innovative Dimple-Mag™ design allows for effective ‘flow over’ of grape material where turbulence on the raised dimples creates a continuous movement of the grape product - whilst still retaining trapped smaller fragments down below the surface of the dimples. The high-intensity RE80™ Round Nose Magnet on the system means weaker magnetic fragments are worked around to the underside of the round nose, preventing them from being washed back into the product flow.

Multi-Finger Receival Bin Magnet:

The original Multi-Finger Receival Bin Magnet was designed in the late 1990’s by Magnattack™ Global for a winery located in New Zealand. This system is an effective means of removal of the above-mentioned contamination.

The system is typically positioned under receival/must-bin outlets and on bulk intakes. The bar diameter, spacing, and lengths are variable to allow for difficult product characteristics. The magnet bars are mounted on a special adjustable mounting rail so that spacing and angle of repose can be adjusted to suit.

Important considerations when selecting magnets for wineries:

  • Does the design allow for optimum coverage of incoming grapes without grape bunches and stems becoming entwined or entangled in the magnets?
  • Is the magnet design sanitary and compliant?
  • Is the magnet simple and effective to clean and maintain?
  • Does the separator assembly comprise of high grade magnetics (such as RE80™) to ensure longevity and maintaining of the magnet strength?
  • What design criteria is in place to ensure effective magnetic separation is achieved without blockages?
  • What means are taken to ensure magnet strength is maintained over time?
  • Does the magnet comply with current HACCP and best practice standards (e.g. 0909MAGSEP 1-2010)?
  • Is the magnet supplied with adequate certification?



Certified by HACCP International. Fully compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010 for peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Safety warning:

Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Read full safety warning.

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