Magnets for Wineries

Maximum protection from staples!

MAGNATTACK® Grape Receival Bin Magnets are essential items for wineries to protect crushers, de-stemmers, and pumps from a variety of tramp iron contaminants. In these applications, the most common forms of magnetic contamination include ferrous staples, wire, and wear particles from harvesters and other machinery.

Advantages & Applications

  • Must-pump protection.
  • Protection of crushers and screw flights.
  • Compliments harvester magnets.
  • Reduces plant & production downtime – especially in busy vintage seasons!
  • Prevent damage to expensive equipment.
  • Foreign metal contamination risk reduction.

New! DIMPLE-MAG® Magnetic Extraction System - the answer to your build-up & bridging issues!

  • Features a specially designed dimple lead plate and 1 x high-intensity 10,000+ gauss RE80® separation bar.
  • Separation bar improves the capture of magnetics and flow characteristics.
  • Designed to effectively prevent product build-up and vine debris becoming entangled and causing blockages.
  • Versatile fitment options: Install to augur or chute outlets, or suspend from conveyor discharge locations.

Multi-finger style receival bin magnet

  • Robust design for high-impact locations.
  • Special anti-wear options.
  • Installed under the auger outlet on a heavy duty adjustable mounting.
  • Features multiple high-intensity 10,000+ gauss RE80® Finger Bars.
  • Adjustable to suit variable dimension, tonnage, and product characteristics.



Fully compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010 for peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Patents pending.

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