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DIMPLE-MAG™ Magnetic Extraction System Saves Aussie Winery Thousands in Equipment Repair & Maintence Costs - September 2018

Metal contaminants such as wire and vine fencing staples, and small-medium sized tools such as hammers and brackets, enter the grape receivals area and cause significant damage to downstream equipment.


New foreign body control system released to the pet food industry - June 2018

Magnattack™ Global has developed a new RE80™HT Magnetic Separator solution to assist pet food manufacturing companies with foreign metal fragment control.


New DURA-SLIK™ Technology Released to Reduce Abrasive Wear on Magnetic Separators - February 2018

Magnattack™ Global has developed, trialled and released an advanced method to reduce rapid wear and damage to magnetic separation equipment. This is especially a concern in abrasive and sticky products such as grain, sugar, lactose, coffee, rice, meat meal, dry pet food, and other similar foods. Magnets installed in high-tonnage or fast-flowing product streams are even more prone to such damage.


DectaSafe joins Magnattack™'s group of distributors - January 2018

Magnattack™ has announced an exciting new partnership with DectaSafe, a highly regarded Swedish-based supplier of metal detectable products. The agreement involves the distribution of HACCP certified RE80™ Magnetic Mats, RE80™ Test Magnets, and other Magnattack™ solutions for metal fragment control throughout Scandinavia and Europe.


Magnets for Wine Processing - November 2017

The biggest risk with metal contamination and tramp iron in the wine industry is serious damage to expensive processing equipment.

In wine processing, it’s a matter of cost vs. risk...and it’s an easy solution. Magnetic separation equipment is relatively inexpensive when compared to the risk of equipment damage and the cost of having to repair or replace expensive processing equipment.


MAG-RAM™ Wins Dairy Innovation Showcase - October 2017

The Magnattack™ RE80™ MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Separator was a winner in the Innovation Showcase at Process Expo 2017!

Process Expo is North America's largest trade show for the food and beverage industry. Covering a massive 220,000 square feet, the trade show floor was home to over 500 exhibiting companies for 4 days and attracted almost 14,000 industry professionals!


Metal fragment control for food safety, product security and brand protection - Detecting fine metal fragments - July 2016

Adequate procedures, cutting edge magnetic separation equipment and metal detectors are essential for control of weakly magnetic fragments to maintain food safety initiatives, improve product purity and protect brands.Combined with greater focus on hygiene, operator safety and lean manufacturing practices, this food safety initiative has led to the development of a combination of both ultra-high intensity magnet systems and highly sensitive metal detectors/x-ray units. This allows companies to successfully control foreign matter detection.


Magnetic appeal for bakery applications - May 2016

Magnattack™ Global has developed a unique magnet system designed for installation in pneumatic transfer lines and commercial bakery flour intakes to reduce risk of metal contamination in final product.

Metal fragment problems are very common to flour milling due to the high impact machinery used. The 12,000 gauss SPHERICAL magnet system provides large bakery operations with greater assurance that metal fragments prior to processing are removed from their incoming flour and ingredients.   As its name suggests, the system comprises a high intensity 12,000 gauss spherical magnet which has been designed for minimal impact on blower and rotary valve amp readings.

"Although flour mills and ingredient suppliers usually have their own magnet systems in place to remove metal from flour, adequate metal extraction can be limited at bulk out loading points due to high tonnage rates and outputs", says Magnattack™ General Manager Kevin Baker.


Reducing metal fragment risk with HACCP certified magnet validations - March 2016

Magnets play an important role in product security of finished products and should be included in every food safety program to assist with removing the physical hazard of magnetic metal fragments from product streams. It is important therefore, to ensure that magnets are at the specified strength for their expected duty, in the right location, and positioned correctly in the process to ensure maximum product stream coverage, extraction, and retention efficiency.

Just like metal detectors or X-ray devices, magnets control the food safety quality of ingredients and/or finished product. The clear difference is that magnets typically extract smaller metal particles than most metal detector or X-ray devices can detect.


Magnattack™ combines Magnet & Filter Combination to boost liquid line separation efficiency - February 2016

The Magnattack™ Magnet Filter Combo has been designed for use in sensitive liquid applications. The design combines 316SS fine filtering systems and high-temperature-resistant RE80™ magnet technology within one body, to attract and retain work-hardened stainless steel, magnetic stone, and fine microscopic metal contamination that could escape filters.


Magnattack™ announces USDA approval - September 2015

The recent USDA Dairy Acceptance of selected Magnattack™ RE80™ magnetic separators assures the highest sanitary standards and suitability for use in sensitive and hygienic applications.

The MAG-RAM™ Self Cleaning Separator, RAPIDCLEAN™ Advanced Grate System, Round Pipe Separator and the newly released Powder Transfer Magnet all have been approved and accepted by USDA. This range is suited to a wide variety of product lines including milk, infant formulas, pharmaceutical powders, and lactose powders.

The Powder Transfer Design includes the new Tear Drop Probe, which incorporates a shaped contact area that helps prevent bulk density breakdown and directs product to pole bands. This prevents build-up of product that would normally impinge on a larger surface magnet.


Exploring the roles of metal detectors and magnetic separation equipment - November 2014

Correct procedures and correct equipment for metal fragment control are essential to maintaining food safety initiatives and protecting your product and brands. In years past, magnetic separation and metal detection were mainly for protection of machinery.

Today, food safety is paramount and protection of products, consumers and brands has never been so important. It can be demonstrated that both high grade rare earth magnets and efficient metal detectors are essential to satisfying today’s product security requirements in the food industry and greatly complement each other to ensure metal risks are significantly reduced.

Many companies only use magnets, some only use metal detection. Both are equally important…let’s put them into focus:


Magnattack™ Global solves long standing issue with metal contamination in meat processing - November 2013

Magnattack™ recently solved a serious issue in a large meat processing facility where tiny stainless steel fragments in meat meal were traced back to drenching capsules inside the sheep's stomach.

Over a long period of time, there has been a standing problem with tiny metal fragments contaminating meat meal products, a bi-product of meat processing. During the process of turning the offal from slaughter into meat meal, the small drenching capsule remains in the animal’s stomach. These are then ground up by the mills and grinders in the facility, causing metal contamination in the meat meal. This can then lead to large product recalls, costly damage to brands and sales and also damage to processing equipment.


Magnattack™ Global provides solution to metal fragments being walked into sensitive food production areas - August 2013

Magnattack™ Global have developed a high strength magnetic mat system designed to reduce food safety risks and restrict ferrous metal being walked into sensitive production and office areas in the food, beverage, meat and pharmaceutical industries.


Protection of wine processing equipment with Grape Receival Magnets - March 2013

Fencing staples, nails, wire and other tramp iron contamination have the potential to cause extensive damage to expensive equipment such as must pumps, grape crushers, presses and other equipment if they are not removed from the product stream.  The cost is not only in repairing or replacing the damaged equipment but also in the loss of product, subsequent down time, and loss of production.


WJB Engineering changes to Magnattack™ & expands into the global market - September 2011

During 2011, WJB Engineering extended its base in Australia and is now servicing the global market. In the course of events, the company has now begun operating under the name Magnattack™ Global and can be now be contacted across USA, New Zealand, and Australia. Magnattack™ is a manufacturer of a wide range of magnetic separation solutions for the food industry worldwide including magnets for metal fragment control in soups, chocolate, dairy, grain processing, cereal manufacturing, milling, confectionary, biscuits, cookies, petfood, and much more.


Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnets manufactured by WJB Engineering - May 2011

WJB Engineering specialize in the manufacture of magnetic separation solutions for metal fragment control in the food industry.

One of WJB Engineering’s breakthroughs in development of efficient magnetic separation for liquid lines is the Magnattack™ RE80™ Pressure Pipeline Liquid Magnets, designed to efficiently extract magnetic fragments in both viscous and non-viscous liquid food products.


High intensity +10,000 Gauss Self-Cleaning Grate Magnets proving effective - May 2011

WJB Engineering has successfully installed over 100 self-cleaning grate magnet systems in a variety of applications including cereals, wheat, dairy powder, ingredients, flour and rice.

The patented design allows for continuous cleaning of metal fragments from dry product such as grain and powder, using the Magnattack™ RE80™ MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning system, configured to >10,000 Gauss strength.

Manually cleaned grate magnets are no longer deemed suitable for many applications following the recent development of a self-cleaning grate magnet system for continuous removal of metal contamination.


SPHERICAL™ Blowline Magnet Separator for pneumatic conveyed food products - December 2010

WJB Engineering has over the last 10 years, been manufacturing a high intensity blow line magnet designed to extract weakly magnetic fragments from powdered ingredients in the food industry without affecting bulk density.

The Magnattack™ SPHERICAL pneumatic blowline/vacuum line magnet offers efficient extraction of tramp iron – large, small, fine & rust as well as work hardened stainless steel fragments and magnetic stone particles using the patented RE80™ >10,000 gauss technology.


Seven self-cleaning grate magnets supplied to cereal manufacturer - November 2010

WJB Engineering has recently completed a major project for a large Sydney based cereal manufacturer, involving 7 large Magnattack™ RE80™ MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning grate magnet systems.

The high intensity, pneumatic fully automatic MAG-RAM™’s were chosen for removal of fine, weakly magnetic fragments and for its ability to clean without the need of reliance on operators. This in turn makes for greater food safety because the grate magnet bars do not need to be contacted or touched for cleaning.


Benefits of Grate Magnets in magnetic separation - September 2009

Grate magnets are an effective way of extracting metal fragments from powders and dry products including flour, starch, rice, milk powders, and sugar.

WJB Engineering design and manufacture high grade Magnattack™ RE80™ Grate Magnets for such applications and in the past two decades have had excellent results in achieving the standard of magnetic separation required in the food industry today, for food safety and best practice.


Advantages of Lab Test Magnets for analysis of product contamination levels - May 2008

WJB Engineering manufacture a very high grade, high strength certificated Magnattack™ Laboratory Test Magnet used for testing and analyzing food product samples and metal detector rejects for metal fragments in both dry and wet products. A new mini 19Ø lab test magnet is now available.


Specially designed Pallecon/Tote Outlet Magnet for metal fragment control - February 2008

Liquid ingredients can often be the cause of introduction of metal fragments into food products.

WJB Engineering has developed a magnetic separating device designed for the outlet of pallecon and tote containers in the food and beverage industry which enables effective metal fragment control over of raw incoming liquid ingredients.