DAIRY – "High quality, innovative solutions for Sanitary Dairy applications"

"In my 3 years working for Mead Johnson based at Tatura I have dealt with the staff from MAGNATTACK™ Global. They have responded to our Mead Johnson foreign matter mitigation programs with highly innovative, easily cleaned, sanitary magnetic separation systems. They are highly motivated to deliver high quality, innovative solutions for Sanitary Dairy applications.   I have no hesitation in recommending their expertise and...

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MAG-RAM™ Self Cleaning Magnets – "More efficient to other magnetic separators"

MAG-RAM™ Self Cleaning Magnets –

"We have been working with MAGNATTACK™ for the past decade and have installed multiple MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning grate magnets throughout our plants.

These units have proved very useful in reducing downtime caused by damage to equipment, as well as a huge timesaver for operators cleaning magnets. The system has also enabled us to clean instream without stopping the process to clean the magnets. This method...

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MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Magnet - "Will support our reputation"

MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Magnet -

"Not only does it save time and labor cleaning the magnet, it is our insurance policy that the product will support our reputation and meet the customer's expectation, especially overseas.

I have only got good things to say about how the MAGRAM performs".

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MAGNATTACK™ - "Experts in the field"


"While investigating a solution for metal fragment control & magnetic detection in our export food manufacturing facility I came across Magnattack.

Kevin and his team not only provided prompt and reliable service but proved experts in the field possessing the technical knowledge needed to offer useful advice on the most appropriate magnet selections for our application.

I found that most magnet vendors were simply salesmen pushing a product without the industry experience for either accurate...

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MAG-RAM™ - "A great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth"


"We experienced customer issues with metal including drenching capsule spring pieces. MAGNATTACK™ Global assisted us and came up with the MAG-RAM™ system which allowed us to remove these metal contaminants and I have no hesitation in recommending this equipment to the rendering industry. It has been a great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth over nearly 3 years. There has been negligible maintenance. Since we load out of the MAG-RAM™ into skips in a driveway we invented a vacuum...

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Magnetic Mats – "A truly awesome development"

Magnetic Mats –

"The Magnetic Mat system is a truly awesome development. We used this mat during a period of maintenance and projects in the factory and we were shocked at how much metal was stopped by the Mats, and that didn"t get into the production areas! This is what we got! A highly recommended tool to increase safety nets and reduce risk!"

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MAGNATTACK™ - "No hesitation in recommending them as magnet suppliers"



"On the 7th of October, 2004 at 3:00pm we contacted WJB Engineering of Bulli NSW, Manufacturers of Ultra High Energy Permanent Magnetics.

Our problem was that a two inch pipe had broken off inside a dryer which only had a four inch access hole with a quite deep cast iron "lead–in" to that hole.

We thought of magnets and approached WJB for advice. Within a few hours we had a magnet which was not only strong enough, but had both the dynamics and shape which...

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MAGNATTACK™ - "Great customer service"


"Bill, we certainly appreciated the fact that you responded so well to our concerns, that is great customer service. Not only have you dealt promptly and efficiently with our issue, but have listened and responded to our questions also. Providing us with information that was not common knowledge in the plant. Whilst the failure is unfortunate you have satisfied our needs and we would have no hesitation in purchasing further magnets for ourselves and recommending your business to others."

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"Food Safety – The condition which enables us to ensure the people who eat our food do not have to do anything except enjoy it."

When I was asked if I would be prepared to make a comment about Magnattack"s product and service, I said it would be a pleasure.

"17 years ago, MAGNATTACK™ supplied us with one of their Spherical Pneumatic transfer magnets. After all this time, the magnet is still > 10,000 gauss, similar strength to what it was on supply. We test the magnet strength on a regular basis to ensure it is performing at the design level to ...

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"High level of expertise, on-site presence and service to the dairy industry"

"Since 2004 Magnattack Global has provided us with solutions to metal fragment control in both supply of equipment and yearly magnet validations. Magnattack is a source of exceptional quality separation systems and pride themselves on Australian owned and manufactured innovative answers to metal fragment control.

In 2006 Magnattack adapted a MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Magnet System to a difficult location...

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