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Hi Calvin,
As you may recall, I have been working for Flexicon in a remote capacity from overseas (in the USA) over the last few months. This remote working situation was always intended to be temporary as I moved to the USA to settle with my wife – fortunately things have worked out such that I will be joining Flexicon Australia’s parent company in the USA, but as of tomorrow my time with FCA will be at an end.
I wanted to take this chance to reach out and let you know that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I’ve really appreciated the time you have taken in helping me come up to speed on magnets, their drawbacks/functions, and how we should be integrating them into our systems. You have quite frankly been a life saver on several occasions with how exceptionally speedy and accurate in getting quotes and drawings to us you have been (even when we were working with exceptionally short turnaround times!) and your advice in helping us identify potential issues with our applications has been invaluable.
Please stay safe through this latest COVID-19 outbreak (and afterwards obviously!) and I wish you all the best!

Joshua Cox
Technical Applications Engineer