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Letter of Recommendation, dated October 2016

Dear [Company Name] Associate,

I am writing this letter of recommendation in relation to the services provided by the Magnattack™ Global Company to [location] Factory.

In 2008 we started working with Kevin to establish an effective magnet calibration programme. This has been highly successful in ensuring these devices are maintained to meet our standards.

Kevin and Magnattack™ Global have always provided a high level of support which has been beneficial in supporting new processes such as upgrades to [our sugar supply and confectionary lines].

Due to these programmes and the company’s support, we are able to effectively identify and manage any potential magnetic hazards at [location] Site.

In summary, Magnattack™ Global have always actively provided solutions and innovative ways to help control metal contamination.

I would strongly recommend their services to other [Company Name] sites in other areas of the world so as to take advantages of their expertise and knowledge of the principles of magnetic separation, specific to our industry.

- Quality Assurance professional of a large multi-national confectionary company.

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.