Letter of Recommendation – Magnattack® Global and AMR Consulting

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Extract from letter of recommendation, May 2019.
In regards to AMR Magnet Validation Reports and Magnattack® Magnetic Separation Equipment.

"They will come in and do a complete capabilities study on your operation and will help you to prioritize the magnets that need to be replaced from “critical” (replace immediately) all of the way down to “recommended.”
They will also let you know when you don’t need to replace anything.

They will supply HACCP certificates for anything that you purchase from them that goes into your production line. They will recommend piping changes to make taking samples and checking strainers and magnets easier. They warranty their products and stand behind that warranty.

They are the only vendor that we’ve encountered that will openly share their exact GAUSS readings ([competitor name withheld] claims this is proprietary information and will only provide ranges).
Their prices are comparable to other manufacturers.

I am also pasting in a link to the last Magnet Validation Report that they did for us. You ought to find plenty of reading in there!

[Customer name withheld], if you need any more information, or support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll support you any way that I can."

- Site Project Engineer of a multi-national confectionery company.

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.