MAGNATTACK™ - "No hesitation in recommending them as magnet suppliers" - October 2014

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"On the 7th of October, 2004 at 3:00pm we contacted WJB Engineering of Bulli NSW, Manufacturers of Ultra High Energy Permanent Magnetics.

Our problem was that a two inch pipe had broken off inside a dryer which only had a four inch access hole with a quite deep cast iron "lead–in" to that hole.

We thought of magnets and approached WJB for advice. Within a few hours we had a magnet which was not only strong enough, but had both the dynamics and shape which made our retrieval a success.

The magnet was designed not to foul on the magnetic "lead-in" to the four inch hole and had two stainless steel ring bolt outriggers to which cables could be attached. The surface to hold the two inch bar was v-shaped so as to provide a number of points of contact.

We are grateful to WJB Engineering for their ready assistance with this problem and have no hesitation in recommending them as magnet suppliers for difficult retrieval problems where the appropriate strength, shape and size combinations can make the retrieval a success."

Yours faithfully,
Senior Plant Engineer – Penford Australia

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