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About Magnattack Global

MAGNATTACK™ Global is a family owned and operated Business with specialist expertise in metal fragment control in the food industry, MAGNATTACK™ Global is now a world leader in its field due to its commitment to the food industry, protection of brand names of food manufacturers, product security and food safety.

MAGNATTACK™ Global  manufactures magnetic separation equipment solutions for extraction of metal fragments and contamination from food products in both the final stages and from raw materials, depending on the product and the requirement.
Beginning in 1969, MAGNATTACK™  Global started as a one man business selling magnets to flour mills and related industries as an agent for a magnetics company that existed at that time.

During the early years, plate magnets were a common phenomenon, and used widely for extraction of tramp iron, nuts, bolts, rabbit traps and…. You name it…. Most of it was there! Magnets in these years were mainly designed to protect machinery from damage caused by these items entering the plant and into high impact machinery such as roller mills and extruders.

Then food safety developed further and requirements for food safety and metal fragment control became much more defined. Throughout this period, the experienced gained by MAGNATTACK™  Global’s founder, showed there was a need for much more effective extraction of a much greater range of metal contamination than was ever before, now that food safety was becoming much more important to consumers and food manufactures
Over the past 25 years, MAGNATTACK™ Global has developed into a renowned and capable company providing solutions for the most difficult metal fragment issues in the food industries.

Continual research and development by the company, ensures that there is a constant stream of solutions available to protect consumers against injury and serious implications resulting from metal contamination in the food we eat  and food manufactures from loss of production, consumer complaints and much worse.

Our core values:

 - Integrity
 - uprightness and honesty
 - The ongoing commitment to provide effective solutions and positive outcomes with regard to metal fragment control in the food industry Worldwide, without                 compromising quality  
 - Adherence to current food industry standards 

Our company holds current international endorsements for food safety and HACCP and provides endorsed magnetic separation equipment world-wide.

Recent developments by MAGNATTACK™ Global include:

 - Simple easy cleaning grate magnet systems designed not to bridge
 - High intensity magnet and filter systems for liquids
 - +10,000 Gauss self cleaning magnet systems for both final product and intakes areas
 - Non blocking, Hygienic pressure pipeline magnets for horizontal liquid pipelines

Many of our developments have originated from issues that have arisen in the food industry and solutions have been developed by us to meet many individual customer requirments..

We have extensive experience in providing magnetic separation equipment solutions to:

Ingredients manufacturing
Dairy processing (both wet and dry)
Biscuit manufacturing
Sauce manufacturing
Pies and pastery manufacturing
Vegetable processing
Starch and gluten production
Grains and milling
Flour milling
Rice milling
Marinade and dressings manufacturing
Chocolate processing 

We have developed, and continue development of magnetic separation systems resulting from ongoing needs in the food industry and we are committed to provide develpments to meet those needs in the food industry worldwide, and will continue to provide effective metal fragment control magnetic systems for the protection of consumers and food manufacturers alike, uncompromisingly....

Our Locations:


16 Prince Of Wales Ave, Unanderra NSW 2526


550 Albion | Schaumburg, IL 60193 USA

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