Magnetic separators for foreign metal fragment control and food safety

Magnattack™ Global is a very focused company, specialising in foreign metal fragment control and magnetic separation solutions for the food industry worldwide.

Our systems are specially designed to:

  • Reduce metal contamination risks
  • Improve product purity and food safety
  • Protect brand reputation and image
  • Cut equipment damage and downtime for repair / maintenance


Specifically designed for the food industry.

The majority of the Magnattack™ Magnetic Separator Range was originally designed for clients who were experiencing trouble with existing low-quality and inadequate magnet technology. Our R&D team was able to work with the clients to create a custom magnetic separator that met their individual requirements, and consequently, the requirements of many other food companies experiencing the same difficulties.

Customer Reviews

Our company is committed to quality. When we required less magnetic stone fragments in our grain, we needed more gauss than can currently be obtained with a rare earth magnetic drum. We found a solution that exceeded our expectations by installing a Mag-Ram™ self-cleaning magnetic separator.

Stewart Harper - Fosters Group Limited at Cascade Brewery

We installed the first two of the new magnet interceptors into our Morphine milling system today, the good news is that they have slotted straight in and presented no issues. The benefit of measuring thoroughly before fabrication is delivered!

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.

In 2008 we started working with Kevin to establish as effective magnet calibration programme. This has been highly successful in ensuring these devices are maintained to meet out standards.

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.

Once we proved the level of control that the Mag-Ram™ could offer, we then become their most valuable supplier.

CEO of an Australia Meat Rendering Company.

When we looked around at all the options we found that the Mag-Ram™ was the best because it is self-cleaning and it saves operators time and it gives us the assurance that we’re not sending metal to our customers.

Warren McLean - CEO of MBL Proteins

Not only does it take out any ferrous material that may have broken away in the process it also cleans out the iron filings from auger and trough wear

Customer name and company withheld for confidentiality reasons.




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