Magnattack: In the Business of Protecting Your Business

Ineffective Metal Separators Can Leave Your Food Process Lines at Risk

Insufficient metal fragment controls and magnetic separators that aren’t performing can leave your food process lines and final product at risk of contamination. Our magnet testing services and certified magnet validation reports allow you to minimize these risks by helping you understand the true effectiveness and compliance of your magnets, and uncovers gaps highlighting areas of improvement needed to achieve maximum control over foreign metal. These HACCP-certified third-party validation reports are also valuable in preparing for upcoming plant audits and inspections.

Magnet Validations and Risk Assessments

Reduce the Risk of Product Contamination, Consumer Complaints, Food Recall, and Legal Implications

For food manufacturers to gain maximum control over metal contamination, a magnet survey must be carried out annually to ensure magnets are within specification and compliant. It is crucial to ensure that all areas of risk are considered and accounted for.

Magnet Audits, Validation Reports, and On-site Consultations

Ensure Your Magnetic Separators are Up To Industry Standards

Like metal detectors and x-ray equipment, magnets play a vital role in food safety and contamination control in food processing. To maintain maximum separation efficiency and be most effective, magnets need to be the right strength and need to be positioned correctly in the flow of product, in the right location, and configured to achieve maximum separation efficiency and retainment of foreign metal contamination.

What do our customers have to say?

Our LRQA auditor was very impressed! Had never seen such a complete and thorough report!


I don’t know of anyone else on the planet who have the insight and knowledge of food industry magnetics and metal contamination control that AMR and their partners do.


AMR come in and do a complete capability study on the magnets in our operation which help us prioritize which magnets we need to relocate, repair, or replace...all the way from ‘critical’ down to ‘recommended’. In addition, they also let us know which magnets don’t need changing and already comply.


Compliance and Certifications

AMR Certified 3rd Party Reporting
AMR Certified Validation Technicians