About Us


  • To value our customers and work directly with the food industry to address individual applications to ensure we understand the customers’ needs.
  • To benefit our customers and provide a positive contribution to product security and food safety.
  • To deliver quality, innovative and endorsed magnetic separation equipment solutions.
  • To ensure our advice, designs and equipment comply with HACCP International Standard 0909 MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • To continue essential R&D to provide efficient, simple and versatile solutions for real metal fragment contamination issues that exist.


Metal fragment contamination control is
a high priority of all food processors.

MAGNATTACK™ solutions are aimed to enhance your food safety controls and compliment your metal detectors and x-ray equipment to ensure your product is free from foreign metal contamination.

Working with you to reduce risks:

  • Financial loss.
  • Litigation.
  • Recalls.
  • Brand name damage.
  • Food safety risks.
  • Metal detector nuisance trips.
  • WHS/OSHA risks.
  • Product wastage.
  • Dust & powder explosions caused by tramp iron.
  • Protection of expensive plant equipment.

You are valued - we help you:

  • Satisfy / achieve standards.
  • Maintain effective magnet strength.
  • Easier magnet cleaning.
  • Achieve magnetic coverage without product hang-up.
  • Implement innovative risk reductions.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Reduce cleaning required by operators.


MAGNATTACK™ Global is a family owned and operated company specialising in certified, extensively patented magnetic separation equipment. This specialised commitment provides a positive focus on food safety and extraction of foreign metal contamination from food products worldwide. The company has had valuable first-hand experience in the field since 1969, when it began as WJB Engineering.

The majority of MAGNATTACK™ equipment solutions are a direct result of issues experienced by clients with existing low-quality and inadequate magnet technology. The MAGNATTACK™ research and development team was able to work with the clients to create a solution that met their individual requirements, and consequently the requirements of other food companies experiencing the same difficulties. Our solution-based equipment range has been designed to specifically address current requirements and meet food industry standards. Ongoing research is continuously conducted by our team – this proactive approach ensures we are able to understand and address our customers’ needs to the highest level possible.

MAGNATTACK™ offers full technical support and backup, and also has a strong network of global distributors. Our factory headquarters is located in Unanderra, Australia and our USA headquarters in Chicago IL.

All applications are individually assessed before recommendations are made and equipment is made to suit. MAGNATTACK™ equipment is predominantly manufactured with proprietary RE80™ magnet circuit technology, which ensures magnet strength life and separation efficiency is maintained for many years. RE80™ assures the proven, long term magnet strength life of MAGNATTACK™ equipment and is the guarantee that our equipment does not contain inferior lower cost rare earth magnets.

All MAGNATTACK™ equipment is fully manufactured in Australia and not imported.


"Food Safety – The condition which enables us to ensure the people who eat our food do not have to do anything except enjoy it."

When I was asked if I would be prepared to make a comment about Magnattack"s product and service, I said it would be a pleasure. "17 years ago, MAGNATTACK™ supplied us with one of their Spherical Pneumatic transfer magnets. Aft...

"High level of expertise, on-site presence and service to the dairy industry"

Since 2004 Magnattack Global has provided us with solutions to metal fragment control in both supply of equipment and yearly magnet validations. Magnattack is a source of exceptional quality separation systems and pride themselves o...

MAG-RAM™ Self Cleaning Magnets – "More efficient to other magnetic separators"

"We have been working with MAGNATTACK™ for the past decade and have installed multiple mag-ram™ self-cleaning grate magnets throughout our plants. These units have proved very useful in reducing downtime c...

MAG-RAM™ Self Cleaning Magnets –

Brendan Breust - Reliability Manager (Victoria & Tasmania)

July 2016


DAIRY – "High quality, innovative solutions for Sanitary Dairy applications"

"In my 3 years working for Mead Johnson based at Tatura I have dealt with the staff from MAGNATTACK™ Global. They have responded to our Mead Johnson foreign matter mitigation programs with highly innovative, easily cleaned, ...


Peter Johnson - MJN, Tatura Site

September 2016



  • Will this magnet reduce my food safety risks and protect my brand name?
  • Does this magnet conform with HACCP International standards?
  • Will operators be able to clean the magnet quickly and efficiently?
  • Will this magnet reduce WHS/OSHA risks?
  • Does it come with HACCP endorsement and magnet strength certificates?

All MAGNATTACK™ equipment is provided with the above essential specifications to provide a lifelong cost effective investment to our valued customers.


  • Patented RE80™ Magnet technology.
  • Certified strength with a minimum of 11,000 gauss.
  • Maximised magnet strength life via resin encapsulation under vacuum during the manufacturing process.
  • Maximum product coverage to suit your application.
  • Equipment that conforms with HACCP International Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • Technical support from our experienced team, during both the pre assessment and after install stages.
  • Pole spacings to provide adequate extraction and retention of magnetics, in conformance with the above mentioned standard.
  • Half a century of experience in critical food safety, metal fragment control application, support & advice.
The MAGNATTACK™ Global Team


MAGNATTACK Separation Equipment is endorsed under the HACCP Foreign Body Identification category.

Selected MAGNATTACK™ models proved suitable for sanitary, hygienic dairy & powder applications.

Components of selected MAGNATTACK™ separators have been officially CE-marked by EMC Technologies.


MAGNATTACK™ Global partners with Active Magnetics Research Pty Ltd to provide all you need for compliant magnet validations and risk reduction.

Do you need:

  • Calibrated instrumentation.
  • Product tests.
  • Challenge tests.
  • Verifications.
  • Metal Fragment analysis.
  • Metal Fragment source identification.

Certified magnet validation reports show;

  • Magnet strength.
  • Pole bands.
  • Product coverage.
  • Magnet location suitability.
  • Fragment retention adequacy.
  • State of hygiene.

Click here to contact Active Magnetics Research to learn more about magnet testing, view their library of resources or book a validation appointment.