About Us


Magnattack® Global is a family-owned and operated company specialising in foreign metal fragment control and magnetic separation solutions for the food processing industry worldwide.

Recently celebrating 50 years in food industry magnetics, the company manufactures high-quality RE80® Magnetic Separation Systems designed to reduce metal contamination risks and improve food safety. The company has had valuable first-hand experience in this field since 1969 when it was established as WJB Engineering.

Our main manufacturing facility and global headquarters is located in NSW Australia, and our US headquarters is located in Minnesota USA. Magnattack® equipment and services are available worldwide.


Metal fragment contamination control is
a high priority of all food processors.

Magnattack® solutions are aimed to enhance your food safety controls and compliment your metal detectors and x-ray equipment to ensure your product is free from foreign metal contamination.

Working with you to reduce risks such as:

  • Financial loss.
  • Litigation.
  • Recalls.
  • Brand name damage.
  • Food safety risks.
  • Metal detector nuisance trips.
  • WHS/OSHA risks.
  • Product wastage.
  • Dust & powder explosions caused by tramp iron.
  • Damage to expensive plant equipment.

You are valued - we help you with:

  • Satisfying and achieving standards.
  • Maintaining effective magnet strength.
  • Easier magnet cleaning.
  • Achieving magnetic coverage without product hang-up.
  • Implementing innovative risk reductions.
  • Reducing downtime.
  • Reducing cleaning required by operators.


"I've been working with Magnattack for the past 26 years and I've always found them keen to help. They have the ability to improve our designs, and they listen to you. You get what you ask for and they will tell you the truth about whether you have it right or wrong. You can’t walk past that level of commitment!"

Quality Manager at a gluten manufacturing company.

"I would say that the Magnattack teams success, not only here in Australia but evidently in the US as well, is a testimony to their focus on developing systems that are tailored to the food industry’s needs. It's great to see that the company is still in the family as well - I used to work with Bill, now we're regularly in contact with Rob and Kevin."

Quality Engineer at an Australian rice mill.

“Having worked with the team at Magnattack many times, I find Magnattack to be a very helpful, responsive organisation, which has provided a professional, high level of personal service when needed, along with providing a practical solutions specific to our need for metal fragment control. I have no hesitation in recommending Magnattack to my counterparts within Aryzta or within the Food Industry.”

Norm Cuthbert - Engineering Support Manager at Aryzta

"Since 2004 Magnattack Global has provided us with solutions to metal fragment control in both supply of equipment and yearly magnet validations. Magnattack is a source of exceptional quality separation systems and pride themselves on Australian owned and manufactured innovative answers to metal fragment control….We are very impressed with Magnattack’s high level of expertise, on-site presence and service to the dairy industry, as the manufacturer here in Australia, and would have no hesitation in recommending their innovative magnetic separator solutions for sanitary dairy applications".

Brian Winterton - Technical Quality Manager at Murray Goulburn

"In my 3 years working for Mead Johnson based at Tatura I have dealt with the staff from Magnattack Global. They have responded to our Mead Johnson foreign matter mitigation programs with highly innovative, easily cleaned, sanitary magnetic separation systems. They are highly motivated to deliver high quality, innovative solutions for Sanitary Dairy applications. I have no hesitation in recommending their expertise and ability to service the Dairy Industry with quality, hygienic and effective metal foreign matter mitigation programs."

Peter Johnson – Mead Johnson Nutrition.

"While investigating a solution for metal fragment control & magnetic detection in our export food manufacturing facility I came across Magnattack.
Kevin and his team not only provided prompt and reliable service but proved experts in the field possessing the technical knowledge needed to offer useful advice on the most appropriate magnet selections for our application. I found that most magnet vendors were simply salesmen pushing a product without the industry experience for either accurate application or knowledge of sanitary food manufacturing requirements.
Kevin’s knowledge of the magnet and food processing industry prompted me to recommend Magnattack to one of our major suppliers and so I have no hesitation in recommending Magnattack to find a solution to your metal fragment problems."

Jennie Fraser - Quality Assurance Manager at CJ Nutracon

“Magnattack™ Global have always provided a high level of support which has been beneficial in supporting new processes such as upgrades to [our sugar supply and confectionary lines]. Due to these programmes and the company’s support, we are able to effectively identify and manage any potential magnetic hazards at [location] Site.
In summary, Magnattack™ Global have always actively provided solutions and innovative ways to help control metal contamination.
I would strongly recommend their services to other [Company Name] sites in other areas of the world so as to take advantages of their expertise and knowledge of the principles of magnetic separation, specific to our industry.

Quality Assurance professional of a large multi-national confectionary company.



Our values are the foundation for everything we do as an organization. They make us who we are, and they help define our character.

  • Customer first.
  • Honesty, integrity, and respect, in dealing with our customers, suppliers, and colleagues
  • Accuracy, consistency, and reliability in high-quality manufacturing
  • High levels of communication within our customers and our team
  • Ongoing commitment to provide effective products, without compromising quality
  • Impeccable service and support to our valued customers
  • Accountability to our customers and each other.


The Magnattack® Global team share a vision to remain a reliable source of magnetic separation knowledge and equipment to assist food manufacturers reduce risks to consumers and maintain an increased level of food safety for future generations.

Our mission is to engineer advanced magnetic separation solutions that will minimize metal contamination risks in the food industry, with an unmatched focus and understanding of the need of increased food safety and product security. We continuously strive to overcome long-standing technical and mechanical issues with conventional magnetic separator designs, and in turn, reduce operator safety risks and increase productivity.


  • To value our customers and work directly with the food industry to address individual applications to ensure we understand the customers' needs.
  • To benefit our customers and provide a positive contribution to product security and food safety.
  • To deliver quality, innovative and endorsed magnetic separation equipment solutions.
  • To ensure our advice, designs and equipment comply with HACCP International Standard 0909 MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • To continue essential R&D to provide efficient, simple and versatile solutions for real metal fragment contamination issues that exist.


The majority of the Magnattack® Magnetic Separation range has been developed by working closely with clients who were experiencing troubles with existing low-quality and inadequate conventional magnet designs. The Magnattack® Research & Development Team was able to work with the customer to create solutions that met their requirements, and consequently, the requirements of many other food processing companies.

This solution-based equipment range evolves and grows over time in order to address current customer requirements and meet industry standards. Ongoing research is continuously conducted by our team — a proactive approach to ensure we are able to understand and address our customers’ needs to the highest level possible.

All applications are individually assessed before recommendations are given and equipment is made to suit. Magnattack® equipment is manufactured with proprietary RE80® magnet circuit technology, which ensures magnet strength life and separation efficiency is maintained for many years. RE80® is the guarantee that our equipment does not contain inferior lower cost rare earth magnets.

Magnattack® magnets are available in automatic self-cleaning and manual-clean designs, for liquid and dry product lines, and for various applications including dairy, pharmaceutical, pet food, confectionery, bakeries and mills, meat rendering, and general food processing.

We also work closely with AMR Consulting to provide annual magnet testing services and Magnet Validation Reports. These services are valuable for clients in preparing for upcoming plant audits/inspections and complying to industry standards such as FDA Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Safe Quality Foods Program (SQF), HACCP, and other QA requirements.


  • Patented RE80® Magnet Technology.
  • Certified strength with a minimum of 11,000 gauss.
  • Maximised magnet strength life via resin encapsulation under vacuum during the manufacturing process.
  • Maximum product coverage to suit your application.
  • Equipment designed to conform with HACCP International Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • Technical support from our experienced team, during both the pre-assessment and after install stages.
  • Pole spacings to provide adequate extraction and retention of magnetics, in conformance with the above mentioned standard.
  • Over 50 years of experience in critical food safety, metal fragment control application, support & advice.


Rob Baker
Kevin Baker
Calvin Ruddiman
Director of Sales,
Asia Pacific
Kayt Stolzenberg
Director of Production
Jo Hargans
Director of Finance
Tijana Djotunovic
Director of Marketing
Leeroy Baker