About Us

WHO IS Magnattack™ GLOBAL?

Magnattack™ Global is a family-owned and operated company specialising in the design and manufacture of magnetic separation equipment for the food processing industry. The company has had valuable first-hand experience in the field since 1969, when it began as WJB Engineering.

Our manufacturing facility and Global Headquarters is located in NSW, Australia, while our US Headquarters is situated in Chicago, IL. Magnattack™ equipment is also available through our distributor network.


The majority of Magnattack™ equipment solutions are a direct result of issues experienced by clients with existing technology. The Magnattack™ Research & Development Team was able to work with the customer to create solutions that met their requirement, and consequently, the requirements of many other food processing companies.

This solution-based equipment range evolves and grows over time, in order to address current customer requirements and meet industry standards. Ongoing research is continuously conducted by our team — a proactive approach to ensure we are able to understand and address our customers needs to the highest level possible.

All applications are individually assessed before recommendations are given and equipment is made to suit. Magnattack™ equipment is predominately manufactured with proprietary RE80™ magnet circuit technology, which ensures magnet strength life and separation efficiency is maintained for many years. RE80™ is the guarantee that our equipment does not contain inferior lower cost rare earth magnets.

All Magnattack™ equipment is fully-manufactured in Australia.

WHAT CAN Magnattack™ DO FOR YOU?

Metal fragment contamination control is
a high priority of all food processors.

Magnattack™ solutions are aimed to enhance your food safety controls and compliment your metal detectors and x-ray equipment to ensure your product is free from foreign metal contamination.

Working with you to reduce risks such as:

  • Financial loss.
  • Litigation.
  • Recalls.
  • Brand name damage.
  • Food safety risks.
  • Metal detector nuisance trips.
  • WHS/OSHA risks.
  • Product wastage.
  • Dust & powder explosions caused by tramp iron.
  • Damage to expensive plant equipment.

You are valued - we help you with:

  • Satisfying and achieving standards.
  • Maintaining effective magnet strength.
  • Easier magnet cleaning.
  • Achieving magnetic coverage without product hang-up.
  • Implementing innovative risk reductions.
  • Reducing downtime.
  • Reducing cleaning required by operators.


  • To value our customers and work directly with the food industry to address individual applications to ensure we understand the customers' needs.
  • To benefit our customers and provide a positive contribution to product security and food safety.
  • To deliver quality, innovative and endorsed magnetic separation equipment solutions.
  • To ensure our advice, designs and equipment comply with HACCP International Standard 0909 MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • To continue essential R&D to provide efficient, simple and versatile solutions for real metal fragment contamination issues that exist.


  • Patented RE80™ Magnet technology.
  • Certified strength with a minimum of 11,000 gauss.
  • Maximised magnet strength life via resin encapsulation under vacuum during the manufacturing process.
  • Maximum product coverage to suit your application.
  • Equipment that conforms with HACCP International Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • Technical support from our experienced team, during both the pre assessment and after install stages.
  • Pole spacings to provide adequate extraction and retention of magnetics, in conformance with the above mentioned standard.
  • Half a century of experience in critical food safety, metal fragment control application, support & advice.


Mag-Ram™ Exceeds Expectations in Grain Application

Our company is committed to quality. When we required less magnetic stone fragments in our grain, we needed more gauss than can currently be obtained with a rare earth magnetic drum. We found a solution that exceeded our expectations by installi...

Mag-Ram™ Exceeds Expectations in Grain Application

Stewart Harper - Fosters Group Limited at Cascade Brewery

April 2010


Thanks For Providing Some Decent, Well-Made Equipment

We installed the first two of the new magnet interceptors into our Morphine milling system today, the good news is that they have slotted straight in and presented no issues. The benefit of measuring thoroughly before fabrication is delivered!

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.


Innovative Metal Contamination Controls & Effective Calibration Programmes.

In 2008 we started working with Kevin to establish as effective magnet calibration programme. This has been highly successful in ensuring these devices are maintained to meet out standards.

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.

October 2018


Mag-Ram™ Helps Secure Long-Term Client

Once we proved the level of control that the Mag-Ram™ could offer, we then become their most valuable supplier.

CEO of an Australia Meat Rendering Company.



The Magnattack™ Global Team