About Magnattack® Global

Magnattack® Global is a family-owned and operated company specialising in foreign metal fragment control and magnetic separation solutions for the food processing industry worldwide.

With over 50 years of experience in food industry magnetics, the company manufactures high-quality RE80® Magnetic Separation Systems designed to reduce metal contamination risks and improve food safety. The company has had valuable first-hand experience in this field since 1969 when it was established as WJB Engineering.

Our main manufacturing facility and global headquarters is located in NSW Australia, and our US headquarters is located in Minnesota USA. Magnattack® equipment and services are available worldwide.

About Magnattack® Global

What can Magnattack® Do for you?

Metal fragment contamination control is a high priority of all food processors.

Magnattack® solutions are aimed to enhance your food safety controls and compliment your metal detectors and x-ray equipment to ensure your product is free from foreign metal contamination.

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Client Testimonials

Core Values

Our values are the foundation for everything we do as an organisation. They make us who we are, and they help define our character.


Customer First

In all our work, our actions and the decisions we make, we consider the impact on customer experience.



We can be depended on and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.



Time is of the essence.
Action is critical.
We Use Good Judgement (UGJ) & Get Stuff Done (GSD)!



People smart and street smart. We remain sensitive to the views and feelings of others. We are vigilant and perceptive. This is what makes us great team players!



Zero Arrogance Policy
We remain humble not by thinking less of self, but by thinking of self less. We know we need our peers, our staff and leadership to succeed.

Mission Statement

Magnattack is dedicated to delivering exceptional value through advanced magnetic separation solutions that elevate safety, quality, and efficiency. We empower our team to make a positive impact on the industries and communities we serve while striving for a safer and better future.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the global leader in foreign metal control, setting the benchmark for magnetic separation solutions that enhance safety, product quality, and operational efficiency across all industries.

Our Guarantee


To value our customers and work directly with the food industry to address individual applications to ensure we understand the customers needs.


To benefit our customers and provide a positive contribution to product security and food safety.


To deliver quality, innovative and endorsed magnetic separation equipment solutions.


To ensure our advice, designs and equipment comply with HACCP International Standard 0909 MAGSEP 1-2010


To continue essential R&D to provide efficient, simple and versatile solutions for real metal fragment contamination issues that exist.


Pleasure to deal with for critical projects with strict deadlines

Hi Calvin,
As you may recall, I have been working for Flexicon in a remote capacity from overseas (in the USA) over the last few months. This remote working situation was always intended to be temporary as I moved to the USA to settle with my wife – fortunately things have worked out such that I will be joining Flexicon Australia’s parent company in the USA, but as of tomorrow my time with FCA will be at an end.
I wanted to take this chance to reach out and let you know that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I’ve really appreciated the time you have taken in helping me come up to speed on magnets, their drawbacks/functions, and how we should be integrating them into our systems. You have quite frankly been a life saver on several occasions with how exceptionally speedy and accurate in getting quotes and drawings to us you have been (even when we were working with exceptionally short turnaround times!) and your advice in helping us identify potential issues with our applications has been invaluable.
Please stay safe through this latest COVID-19 outbreak (and afterwards obviously!) and I wish you all the best!

Joshua Cox
Technical Applications Engineer.

Rapidclean® Trial Successful For Indonesian Customer

Dear Mr. Kevin Baker,

We would like to inform you that we have done trial on the Magnetic Separator and the result is according to our expectation.

Thank you for giving us excellent product and services.

Best Regards,

Linda K. Dewi

Magnetic Mat Impresses US Nutritionals Customer

Hello Russell,

Thank you for following-up - we are doing well here, hope all is well with you!

Our mat is great - we are catching some fine shavings and metal fragments, it also makes for a great talking point whenever we have visitors or auditors come through - overall, we are impressed and pleased with our purchase, Thank you again!

QA Supervisor – Yuba City, CA, USA

Liquid PPS Successful For Veterinary Medicines Customer

"Hi Kayt.

We have received the unit, installed it, and it is working well.

The documentation provided is very good.

Thank you to all at Magnattack."

Operations Technical Manager at a veterinary medicines company.

Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separators A Success In Meat Processing Plant

Well, we are very pleased with them... 3 things:

Number 1. THEY WORK. We had some paddles that got smashed that were impregnated with metal. When we gathered all broken pieces and put them together, your separator captured 100% of the fragments...that's never happened before!

Number 2. EASY TO CLEAN, and -

Number 3. EASY TO HANDLE - the operators love them!

Plant Manager
Waco, TX, USA

Magnetic Mats Reduce Tramp Metal In Process Line

"The Swarf Control Mat has tremendously reduced the tramp metal into our process, we see this in the reduction of our metal faults. We first tried sticky mats, but sticky mats get coated in dust and are rendered useless. P&G is our auditor, they were impressed - they saw evidence of the mats catching drill shavings from a team member’s boots while entering the process area."

Plant Operator
Columbus, MS, USA

Letter of Recommendation – Magnattack® Global and AMR Consulting

Extract from letter of recommendation, May 2019.
In regards to AMR Magnet Validation Reports and Magnattack® Magnetic Separation Equipment.

"They will come in and do a complete capabilities study on your operation and will help you to prioritize the magnets that need to be replaced from “critical” (replace immediately) all of the way down to “recommended.”
They will also let you know when you don’t need to replace anything.

They will supply HACCP certificates for anything that you purchase from them that goes into your production line. They will recommend piping changes to make taking samples and checking strainers and magnets easier. They warranty their products and stand behind that warranty.

They are the only vendor that we’ve encountered that will openly share their exact GAUSS readings ([competitor name withheld] claims this is proprietary information and will only provide ranges).
Their prices are comparable to other manufacturers.

I am also pasting in a link to the last Magnet Validation Report that they did for us. You ought to find plenty of reading in there!

[Customer name withheld], if you need any more information, or support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll support you any way that I can."

- Site Project Engineer of a multi-national confectionery company.

Mag-Ram™ Exceeds Expectations in Grain Application

“Our company is committed to quality. When we required less magnetic stone fragments in our grain, we needed more gauss than can currently be obtained with a rare earth magnetic drum. We found a solution that exceeded our expectations by installing a Mag-Ram™ self-cleaning magnetic separator.

With the 10,000 gauss magnets, a great deal more magnetic stone and magnetic rock dust is extracted. We are very impressed with this installation and the high level of expertise and service from the manufacturer, Magnattack® Global.

Highly recommended quality.”

Thanks For Providing Some Decent, Well-Made Equipment

Hi Calvin,

We installed the first two of the new magnet interceptors into our milling system today, the good news is that they have slotted straight in and presented no issues. The benefit of measuring thoroughly before fabrication is delivered!

Thanks for providing some decent, well-made equipment.

Engineer at a pharmaceutical company.

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.

Innovative Metal Contamination Controls & Effective Calibration Programmes.

Letter of Recommendation October 2016

Dear [Company] Associate,

I am writing this letter of recommendation in relation to the services provided by the Magnattack® Global Company to [Company location] Factory.

In 2008 we started working with Kevin to establish as effective magnet calibration programme. This has been highly successful in ensuring these devices are maintained to meet out standards.

Kevin and Magnattack® Global have always provided a high level of support which has been beneficial in supporting new processes such as upgrades to [our sugar supply and confectionary lines].

Due to these programmes and the company’s support, we are able to effectively identify and manage any potential magnetic hazards at [location] Site.

In summary, Magnattack® Global have always actively provided solutions and innovative ways to help control metal contamination.

I would strongly recommend their services to other [Company] sites in other areas of the world so as to take advantages of their expertise and knowledge of the principles of magnetic separation, specific to our industry.

Quality Assurance professional of a large multi-national confectionary company.

Mag-Ram™ Helps Secure Long-Term Client

“The Mag-Ram™ was instrumental in securing a long-term client that was very close to dropping us due to a number of contamination issues. Once we proved the level of control that the Mag-Ram™ could offer, we then become their most valuable supplier.”

Mag-Ram™ Gives Assurance of High-Quality Meals

“We discovered the Mag-Ram™ after looking at ways to remove metal from meals and to assure our petfood customers that the meals were of highest quality.

When we looked around at all the options we found that the Mag-Ram™ was the best because it is self-cleaning and it saves operators time and it gives us the assurance that we’re not sending metal to our customers.

One of the benefits of this system is that we’ve got peace of mind of knowing that our products going to petfood and agriculture are not going to be facing claims from metal and problems we send the customer.

The business is too valuable to risk sending a problem to the other side of the world and then trying to sort the problems out later.

It is better to make sure the problems don’t leave our premises.”

Mag-Ram™ Self-Cleaning Magnet Has Impressive Performance in Pet Food Line


“We have their self-cleaning magnet in operation on our pet food line used on product destined for North America.

Not only does it take out any ferrous material that may have broken away in the process it also cleans out the iron filings from auger and trough wear.

I am very impressed otherwise I wouldn’t be giving him such a big wrap [sic].”

Customer name and company withheld for confidentiality reasons.

Food Safety – The condition which enables us to ensure the people who eat our food do not have to do anything except enjoy it.

When I was asked if I would be prepared to make a comment about Magnattack®'s product and service, I said it would be a pleasure.

17 years ago, Magnattack® supplied us with one of their Spherical Pneumatic transfer magnets. After all this time, the magnet is still > 10,000 gauss, similar strength to what it was on supply. We test the magnet strength on a regular basis to ensure it is performing at the design level to ensure we maintain the highest level of Food Safety.

Having worked with the team at Magnattack® many times, I find Magnattack® to be a very helpful, responsive organisation, which has provided a professional, high level of personal service when needed, along with providing a practical solutions specific to our need for metal fragment control.

I have no hesitation in recommending Magnattack® to my counterparts within Aryzta or within the Food Industry.

High level of expertise, on-site presence and service to the dairy industry

Since 2004 Magnattack® Global has provided us with solutions to metal fragment control in both supply of equipment and yearly magnet validations. Magnattack® is a source of exceptional quality separation systems and pride themselves on Australian owned and manufactured innovative answers to metal fragment control.

In 2006 Magnattack® adapted a MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Magnet System to a difficult location above our SAPAC Machine. This has provided the separation qualities required and the assurance that a clean magnet is presented to the product with regular cleaning cycles.

The most innovative function of this unit is its ability to clean one ram at a time providing good coverage of product to magnet during its cleaning cycle.

Magnattack® over the years has also provided magnet solutions for our pneumatic transfer lines, gravity powder lines and liquid lines.

We are very impressed with Magnattack®'s high level of expertise, on-site presence and service to the dairy industry, as the manufacturer here in Australia, and would have no hesitation in recommending their innovative magnetic separator solutions for sanitary dairy applications.

MAG-RAM™ Self Cleaning Magnets – More efficient to other magnetic separators

We have been working with Magnattack® for the past decade and have installed multiple MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning grate magnets throughout our plants.

These units have proved very useful in reducing downtime caused by damage to equipment, as well as a huge timesaver for operators cleaning magnets. The system has also enabled us to clean instream without stopping the process to clean the magnets. This method has proved more efficient to other magnetic separators because a clean magnet is constantly being presented to the products being processed.

This is a highly effective innovation, recommended for bulk material processing.

DAIRY – High quality, innovative solutions for Sanitary Dairy applications

In my 3 years working for Mead Johnson based at Tatura I have dealt with the staff from Magnattack® Global. They have responded to our Mead Johnson foreign matter mitigation programs with highly innovative, easily cleaned, sanitary magnetic separation systems. They are highly motivated to deliver high quality, innovative solutions for Sanitary Dairy applications. I have no hesitation in recommending their expertise and ability to service the Dairy Industry with quality, hygienic and effective metal foreign matter mitigation programs.

MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Magnet - "Will support our reputation"

"Not only does it save time and labor cleaning the magnet, it is our insurance policy that the product will support our reputation and meet the customer's expectation, especially overseas.

I have only got good things to say about how the MAGRAM performs".

Magnattack® - "Experts in the field"

"While investigating a solution for metal fragment control & magnetic detection in our export food manufacturing facility I came across Magnattack.

Kevin and his team not only provided prompt and reliable service but proved experts in the field possessing the technical knowledge needed to offer useful advice on the most appropriate magnet selections for our application.

I found that most magnet vendors were simply salesmen pushing a product without the industry experience for either accurate application or knowledge of sanitary food manufacturing requirements. Kevin"s knowledge of the magnet and food processing industry prompted me to recommend Magnattack® to one of our major suppliers and so I have no hesitation in recommending

Magnattack® to find a solution to your metal fragment problems."

MAG-RAM™ - "A great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth"

"We experienced customer issues with metal including drenching capsule spring pieces. Magnattack® Global assisted us and came up with the MAG-RAM™ system which allowed us to remove these metal contaminants and I have no hesitation in recommending this equipment to the rendering industry. It has been a great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth over nearly 3 years. There has been negligible maintenance. Since we load out of the MAG-RAM™ into skips in a driveway we invented a vacuum cleaner system to suck away the metal fragments and deposit them in a vacuum drum beside the driveway. Magnattack® appreciated what we did and now have a pneumatic fragment transfer option of their own as standard. I must say the MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Separator has given us assurance that we have a safer, much cleaner and more valuable product than before. Highly recommended innovation!"

Magnetic Mats – "A truly awesome development"

"The Magnetic Mat system is a truly awesome development. We used this mat during a period of maintenance and projects in the factory and we were shocked at how much metal was stopped by the Mats, and that didn"t get into the production areas! This is what we got! A highly recommended tool to increase safety nets and reduce risk!"

Magnattack® - "Great customer service"

"Bill, we certainly appreciated the fact that you responded so well to our concerns, that is great customer service. Not only have you dealt promptly and efficiently with our issue, but have listened and responded to our questions also. Providing us with information that was not common knowledge in the plant. Whilst the failure is unfortunate you have satisfied our needs and we would have no hesitation in purchasing further magnets for ourselves and recommending your business to others."

Magnattack® - "No hesitation in recommending them as magnet suppliers"


"On the 7th of October, 2004 at 3:00pm we contacted WJB Engineering of Bulli NSW, Manufacturers of Ultra High Energy Permanent Magnetics.

Our problem was that a two inch pipe had broken off inside a dryer which only had a four inch access hole with a quite deep cast iron "lead–in" to that hole.

We thought of magnets and approached WJB for advice. Within a few hours we had a magnet which was not only strong enough, but had both the dynamics and shape which made our retrieval a success.

The magnet was designed not to foul on the magnetic "lead-in" to the four inch hole and had two stainless steel ring bolt outriggers to which cables could be attached. The surface to hold the two inch bar was v-shaped so as to provide a number of points of contact.

We are grateful to WJB Engineering for their ready assistance with this problem and have no hesitation in recommending them as magnet suppliers for difficult retrieval problems where the appropriate strength, shape and size combinations can make the retrieval a success."

Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separators Prove Effective for Multinational Dairy Company

We’ve had several PPS units in our liquid lines for many years now, in multiple processing plants across the country. They’re more effective than the old pot style magnets, easy to clean, and don’t cause any leaks or blockages. Never had any problems with them. Simple, yet very effective.

Magnattack’s Success A Testimony To Food Industry Focus

I would say that the Magnattack® teams success, not only here in Australia but evidently in the US as well, is a testimony to their focus on developing systems that are tailored to the food industrys needs. It's great to see that the company is still in the family as well - I used to work with Bill, now we're regularly in contact with Rob and Kevin.

You Can’t Walk Past Magnattack’s Level Of Commitment

I've been working with Magnattack® for the past 26 years and I've always found them keen to help. They have the ability to improve our designs, and they listen to you. You get what you ask for and they will tell you the truth about whether you have it right or wrong. You cant walk past that level of commitment!

Mag-Ram™ Solves Leakage Problems for Pharmaceutical Company

To whom it may concern,
We approached Magnattack® regarding a problem we had with our magnets and an ongoing leakage concern that we had not been abl to resolve with our previous supplier of magnets. Magnattack® worked through the problem in a professional manner with us and seemingly had the very solution we needed. Magnattack® offered to trial one of their Mag-Ram™ self-cleaning systems and as a result we have changed most of our dry powder units for their solution. The leakage problem is resolved, and we have a more ideal means of collection of metal fragments. We have no hesitation in recommending Magnattack® to other [company] facilities, as their technical assistance and knowledge of magnets we feel is superior to what we have experienced in the past.

Meet The Leaders At Magnattack

William Baker
William Baker
Rob Baker
Rob Baker
Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker
Chief Executive Officer
Calvin Ruddiman
Calvin Ruddiman
Director of Global Sales
Kristi Peterson
Kristi Peterson
Chief Marketing Officer
Alireza Tavakolinazari
Alireza Tavakolinazari
Global Operations Manager
Truman Driscoll
Truman Driscoll
Manufacturing Supervisor
Jeff Stangler
Jeff Stangler
Business Development Manager
Brodie Hargans
Brodie Hargans
Validations Manager - Australasia
Chad Blair
Chad Blair
Client Relations & Validations Manager
Tijana Djotunovic
Tijana Djotunovic
Global Marketing Manager
Gaston Peterson
Gaston Peterson
Director of Sales Engineering
Justyn Schaefer
Justyn Schaefer
Production Manager - Americas
Leeroy Baker
Leeroy Baker
Client Relations Manager - Australasia
Hudson Baker
Hudson Baker
Client & Partner Relations - Americas
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith
Customer Service Manager
Kyle Rice
Kyle Rice
Design Engineering Manager
Joyce Chellberg
Joyce Chellberg
Financial Controller

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