Magnetic separation systems are commonly used in cereal applications for the following reasons:

  • Incoming grains, nuts, syrups, etc: protection of screens and sieves.
  • Prior to blending at bag dump applications: contributing to product security and to keep a check on suppliers to ensure metal free product is being supplied.
  • Final packing: for final product security. Usually installed immediately prior to packing (upstream of the final metal detector after product is packaged).

As there are often many different ingredients in cereals (ranging from dried fruit & nuts to grains & oats), there are many different levels of risk. Some products such as imported seeds and dried fruit typically contain a higher level of metal contamination than locally grown products.

Important Considerations when Selecting Magnets for Cereal Applications:

  • Can magnets be easily removed for regular, easy cleaning? This is especially important on bag dump and ingredients preparation locations where incoming raw materials must be closely monitored.
  • Is the magnet resistant to abrasion?
  • Does the working temperature of the magnets suit the application?
  • Is the magnet design sanitary and compliant?
  • Does the separator assembly comprise of high grade magnetics (such as RE80™) to ensure longevity and maintenance of magnet strength?
  • What design criteria is in place to ensure effective magnetic separation is achieved without blockages?
  • What means are taken to ensure magnet strength is maintained over time?
  • Does the magnet comply with current HACCP and best practice standards (e.g. 0909MAGSEP 1-2010)?
  • Is the magnet supplied with proper certification?

MAGNATTACK™ Equipment Best Suited to Cereal Applications:



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