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In the 1990s, MAGNATTACK™ (then known as WJB Engineering) were contacted by a large soup manufacturer to create a design for an inline liquid magnet. The design needed to be more effective, easier to clean and more hygienic than a conventional finger pot magnet. The team went to work with the customer and developed a specialised range of inline magnet systems to meet their requirements.

Since that day, MAGNATTACK™ inline magnets have been improved and customised to suit a wide variety of applications around the globe. From spray oils to chocolate, pie mixes, high viscosity emulsions, and everything else in between, the MAGNATTACK™ range of liquid magnetic separators are available and fully customisable to suit almost any application.

Be it water jacketed systems for chocolate or units using MAGNATTACK™’s special teardrop shaped magnet (created in 2014) for use in high viscosity applications such as meat emulsion or shortening – there is a solution available!

Important Considerations when Selecting Magnets for Liquid & Wet Product Applications:

  • Temperature: Will the magnet withstand both product and CIP temperatures?
  • Cleaning: Can the magnet be simply and safety removed for frequent cleaning? Can the magnet be cleaned effectively without the use of unhygienic methods excluded in current standards?
  • What measures are used in the construction of the magnet to ensure strength is maintained over time?
  • Does the magnet comply with HACCP International and BP standards? For example, HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.
  • Is the magnet supplied with proper certification?

MAGNATTACK™ Equipment Best Suited to Liquid & Wet Product Applications:



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