Benefits Of Grate Magnets In Magnetic Separation

Grate magnets are an effective way of extracting metal fragments from powders and dry products including flour, starch, rice, milk powders, and sugar.

WJB Engineering design and manufacture high-grade Magnattack® RE80® Grate Magnets for such applications and in the past two decades have had excellent results in achieving the standard of magnetic separation required in the food industry today, for food safety and best practice.

Magnet strength retention is important and is achieved by selecting ultra-high grade Rare Earth RE80® magnet material, as well as essential manufacturing procedures taken to allow this to be so.

Energy Rated: Magnattack® Global offers high strength 10-11,000 gauss grate magnets at 22 mm pole spacing which are recognized as the standard in the food industry for last point, CCP, and final packing locations for extraction of weakly magnetic fragments.

Easy-Clean features are built into the Magnattack® range of grate magnets. These greatly assist in cleaning operations and have proved very helpful to operators as cleaning of the grate magnet is fast and easy. Magnattack® grate magnets of sufficient strength and product coverage offer a high standard of magnetic separation.

Grate magnets manufactured by Magnattack® Global can be designed and built in our factory to suit existing chutes or equipment for ease of installation and can also be supplied with sanitary stainless steel housing to suit existing outlet flange dimensions. Grate magnets can be used in the base of hoppers, filling or bagging outlets, inside chutes, positioned underneath transfer discharge points, and more.

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