WJB Engineering Rebrands To Magnattack® Global & Expands Into The Global Marketplace

During 2011, WJB Engineering extended its base in Australia and is now servicing the global market. In the course of events, the company has now begun operating under the name Magnattack® Global and can be now be contacted across the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. Magnattack® Global is a manufacturer of a wide range of magnetic separation solutions for the food industry worldwide - including magnets for metal fragment control in soups, chocolate, dairy, grain processing, cereal manufacturing, milling, confectionery, biscuits, cookies, pet food, and much more.

One of Magnattack® Global's key products is the new Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Grate Magnet, designed to extract metal fragments and clean automatically at intervals controlled by the PLC control system or a stand-alone controller supplied with the equipment. This new development is easily fitted into existing magnet locations both on very small to very large applications. Magnattack® offers expert advice regarding self-cleaning grate magnet systems and self-cleaning magnets of any type for use in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.

Magnattack® has also developed a high-intensity range of magnets to suit pneumatic blow line and vacuum transfer lines which have been carefully configured and designed using only the highest grades of material for use in sensitive food applications. These are currently being used in very sensitive dairy applications and flour/powder transfer lines without any effect on bulk density occurring. The Spherical pneumatic blow line or vacuum line magnet is aerodynamically designed to also allow for use in gravity out-feed situations and on food products containing particulates up to 0.6"/15 mm with low resistance to flow.

Our movement into the global market allows us to further help food processing companies to increase product safety and their control of metal fragment contamination in compliance with HACCP, BRC, FSMA, and other relevant regulatory structures.

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