New Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology

Magnattack® Global has developed, trialed, and released an advanced method to reduce rapid wear and damage to magnetic separation equipment.

This is especially a concern in abrasive and sticky products such as grain, sugar, lactose, coffee, rice, meat meal, dry pet food, and other similar foods. Magnets installed in high-tonnage or fast-flowing product streams are even more prone to such damage.

In simple terms, Dura-Slik® is a hard-densified embedded molecular surfacing which imparts increased abrasion resistance and anti-stick properties to 316 stainless steel. The technology has been developing over a number of years and trialed in many applications. Magnets using the Dura-Slik® technology have been installed in high-tonnage grain applications for over 2 years and show reduced wear of concern, in fact still recording surface strengths of over 10,000 gauss.

Dura-Slik® is an effective barrier to limit the effects of galvanic reaction on the surface of the magnets. Without Dura-
Slik® this reaction can accelerate pitting in the magnets, leading to deterioration of the magnet and potential bursting
in the product stream.

Without Dura-Slik®, magnetic separators are more likely to experience rapid deterioration, an increase in magnet strength loss, and present dangerous contamination risks to the end products. Should food product be exposed to raw rare earth materials, this could lead to a product recall and reputation damage.


A magnetic separator, without Dura-Slik Abrasion-Reduction Technology, showing damage after years of installation in an abrasive product line.

Dura-Slik® is accepted by FDA as non-toxic.

Rob Baker, Operations Manager of Magnattack® Global, says that "whilst Magnattack magnets have performed well in a variety of harsh installations over the years, Dura-Slik® is an essential value-add that will extend the longevity of a magnet and help maintain its effectiveness in removing foreign metal contaminants".

On the differences that Dura-Slik® holds, Baker says "the benefits that Dura-Slik® provides against abrasive wear are very clear when you compare two similar magnet installations where one is a Magnattack® Dura-Slik® design and the other is not".


Damage from abrasive wear on magnet in a wheat aspirator application.
Abrasive wear damage on a magnet in a wheat aspirator application.

Dura-Slik® technology is available on all Magnattack grate magnets, bar magnets, magnet probes and practically all other magnet or housing surfaces, as an available option on supply where required. It is effective in both dry and wet applications.

Dura-Slik® is subject to extensive IP rights.

For further information on this development and how it can benefit your magnets, please contact a Magnattack Global technician.

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