Pull Test or Gauss Test?

Q: "Which is more effective...magnet pull test or gauss test?"  A: This is a question that is asked regularly by the food industry in relation to the verification/testing of their magnetic separators. Like metal detectors and various other food processing equipment, it is important that magnetic separators are tested regularly to determine if they are effective and providing adequate foreign metal fragment control. One test that should be conducted, at least yearly, is a strength test. The two methods used by the food industry are pull testing and gauss testing...but which is more effective? This debate has been ongoing in the food industry for many years. In the past, pull testing was the common practice for testing magnets however recent technology shows that gauss testing is a more reliable and accurate form of measuring coercive force right at the product contact surface. Internationally HACCP-certified magnet testing and validation specialists, AMR Consulting, have published a whitepaper which provides information on pull testing, gauss testing, and which is more effective. Download the whitepaper here. To arrange for annual verification of your magnetic separators, please contact us.  Have a question you'd like us to answer? Send us a message or leave a comment below! ***

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