What is a Magnetic Separator?

Magnetic Separators are a well-known & proven method of extracting metal fragments from processing lines such as food, pharma, mining, recycling, etc...Despite being a well-known piece of equipment, we sometimes get asked this question (mostly by those out of or new to the food industry). Q: "What is a magnetic separator?" A: Simply put, a magnetic separator is a stainless steel construction that is installed above/in a product flow. In the food industry, magnetic separators are usually installed inline, in existing pipework. As the product flows through/past the magnet, foreign metal fragments, such as work-hardened stainless steel, stone, fine dust & other magnetic pieces, are attracted & retained to the magnet surface. They remain here until the magnet is manually cleaned by a plant operator or undergoes an automatic cleaning cycle.
magnattack-liquid-pressure-pipeline-magnetic-separatorLiquid Pressure Pipeline Magnet Separator.
Image of the Magnattack Rapidclean Grate Magnet Rapidclean® Grate Magnet.
magnattack-tear-drop-probe-magnetMagnattack® Acutex™ Magnet Probe.
Magnetic Separators, along with Metal Detectors, are vital to ensuring that food product is safe from foreign contamination. If an end product is contaminated with metal it can lead to a food recall, consumer safety risks & brand name damage. Magnattack® Global manufacture magnetic separators for the food industry worldwide. Click here to learn more about the equipment & their role in food product security, and the different types of magnetic separators used in different applications. You can learn more about the principle of magnetic separation and the multiple industries that use magnets here.  Do you have a question about magnetic separation? Contact us here or leave a comment below! ***

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