Important Considerations For Selecting Magnetic Separators

Selecting magnetic separators for your plant may seem like an easy task...but there are several important considerations you should think about first. Magnets do not fit under the 'one size fits all' category - what works for one food plant or processing line may not be the best choice for the next! Selecting the wrong system can result in insufficient protection, metal contamination, food recall & brand name damage.   Here are some key points you should consider before purchasing your next magnetic separators:  
✔Reduce your food safety risks and protect your brand name? ✔Solve your current issue/s on an ongoing basis? ✔Reduce WHS/OSHA risks? ✔Be safe, easy, and efficient for operators to clean? ✔Provide effective and efficient foreign metal control and risk reduction? ✔Have effective inbuilt measures to reduce the risk of de-magnetization over time? How?  
✔Appropriately configured to reduce the risk of product stream blockage? ✔Of sanitary design and build? ✔Of sufficient strength and coverage? ✔Sized to suit your product and process lines whilst maximizing product security? ✔Designed to reduce recontamination risks? ✔A reputable brand with best practice manufacturing standards? ✔Certified by HACCP International and conforming to food industry standards. ✔Supplied with HACCP International certified magnet strength certificates and appropriate documentation?   Have an expert magnet technician assess your application and provide the knowledge you need to select the right magnet for the task! With 50 years experience in food industry magnetics, we are more than qualified to help. Contact the Magnattack Global team today.      *Disclaimer: This information is provided without prejudice and is intended to assist in education regarding developments in magnetic separation technology. Magnattack Global blog posts do not intend to undermine any product, person, manufacturer, or company, but rather intend to provide experienced opinions for assistance to the industry that Magnattack Global associates with. Please refer to Magnattack Global Terms of Use.

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