Mag-Ram™ Celebrates A Decade Of Success!

The revolutionary Mag-Ram Automatic Self-Cleaning magnet going strong and getting stronger! Since 2008 to the present day the Mag-Ram Automatic Self-Cleaning Separator has (and will for many years to come) provided food manufacturing companies with continuous, around-the-clock, foreign metal fragment control and risk reduction. The Mag-Ram is extremely beneficial in the way its magnet bars, or 'Rams', can self-clean during production runs - meaning that the process doesn't need to stop and clean magnets are presented to the product flow at all times! The first Mag-Ram was engineered for a large ship loading facility on large tonnages of grain, in 2008. This quickly became recognized and sought after in the grain industry, developing into a highly regarded and sought after solution in abrasive grain applications. [gallery size="medium" link="none" ids="559,535,560"] Since then, the Mag-Ram's versatility has allowed it to easily transition into many industries including dairy/pharmaceutical powders, pet food, rendering/meat proteins, flour, cereals, and bulk wheat. The Mag-Ramcarries HACCP International certification and is fully compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010. In 2015, the Mag-Ram received USDA Dairy Acceptance, which gives dairy and pharmaceutical companies the assurance of hygienic magnetic separation. [gallery size="medium" link="none" ids="544,561,562"] We recently caught up with one of our first Mag-Ram clients who said that "the Mag-Ram Self-Cleaning Magnet is a very beneficial, reliable, and effective contribution to risk reduction, assisting us to control our metal concerns...a worthwhile investment and very innovative design."   Over the past decade, other Mag-Ram customers have reported positive feedback and negligible maintained requirements. This feedback is invaluable as it not only assists Magnattack Global in further Mag-Ram developments, but it also gives future clients peace-of-mind of effective and reliable foreign metal fragment control. [gallery size="medium" link="none" ids="541,537,563"]
  • "This has provided the separation qualities required and the assurance that a clean magnet is presented to the product with regular cleaning cycles. The most innovative function of this unit is its ability to clean one ram at a time providing good coverage of product to magnet during its cleaning cycle."
  • "We have been working with Magnattack for the past decade and have installed multiple Mag-Ram self-cleaning grate magnets throughout our plants. These units have proved very useful in reducing downtime caused by damage to equipment, as well as a huge timesaver for operators cleaning magnets."
  • "I have only got good things to say about how the MAGRAM performs".
  • It has been a great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth over nearly 3 years. There has been negligible maintenance.
[gallery size="medium" link="none" ids="536,564,538"] Moving forward, the Mag-Ram is proving beneficial and is gaining attention in several key industries across America, Australia, and Europe, where the unique and robust design has provided solutions to long-standing mechanical problems with conventional self-cleaning magnets. More information on the RE80 Mag-Ram Self Cleaning Magnetic Separator can be found here.


Magnattack Global manufacture and supply RE80 +11,000 Gauss Magnetic Separation Systems specifically for the food industry. Do you need maximum foreign metal fragment control and risk reduction? Contact a Magnattack technician today! The Mag-Ram is widely patented in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe.

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