QOTW - Food Safety Involves Everybody in the Food Chain

MAGNATTACK™ Global Food Safety Quote Of The Week: "Food safety involves everybody in the food chain" – Mike Johanns, former US Senator. From farm to fork – harvesters, truck drivers, processing plant personnel, supermarkets, chefs - everyone in the food chain is responsible for food safety. Different sectors of the supply chain will have different processes and equipment they can use to ensure/measure the safety of their products and reduce risks to food safety. In manufacturing plants, foreign body contamination is one risk that needs to be controlled in order to present a safe food product to the end consumer. Some foreign bodies that pose a risk to food safety include bacteria, metal, insects, plastic, etc. Plant operators use a variety of equipment to control these risks, including magnetic separators. Magnetic separation equipment, along with metal detectors, are necessary to reduce the risk of foreign metal contamination. If not removed, metal fragments can have devastating consequences, including consumer injury. How do you control risks to food safety? Are your foreign body controls as effective as they should be? Food Safety involves everybody in the Food Chain

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