Why You Should Upgrade From Liquid Trap Magnets

Finger-style Inline Liquid Trap Magnets (also referred to as Finger Pot Magnets) are a conventional and often effective way of extracting foreign metal fragments from liquid lines such as chocolate, soup, beverages, and similar ingredients. The purpose of this post is to simply point out the advantages of further developments in liquid magnet separation, and how other solutions can benefit users of these devices.

What are Liquid Trap Magnets?

Liquid Magnetic Traps for the food industry consist of a number of magnetic fingers/cartridges/tubes which are welded to a lid. The magnetic fingers are projected down into the flow and retain metal fragments as the liquid flows in, around, and out of the pot magnet housing. Whilst Magnattack Global can supply such devices in certain circumstances, the following opinions may be of assistance to anyone requiring magnets for separation metal fragments from liquids.

Following customer feedback relating to difficulty in handling bulk liquid magnet systems, the time taken to clean multiple finger bars, and an inherent issue with magnet fingers becoming bent or, in some cases, breaking off, Magnattack® Global identified the need to develop a modernized magnetic separation solution for use in liquids.

The Solution: Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnets

After consulting with customers who were experiencing these difficulties, Magnattack Global developed the RE80® Liquid Pressure Pipeline System (PPS). The Liquid PPS features +11,000 gauss magnet elements, designed to intercept the flow of liquid product lines. The RE80® probes successfully extract and retain foreign magnetic fragments such as work-hardened stainless steel and stone particles, fine wear fragments, and rust.

The Liquid PPS Magnets offer hygienic and efficient magnetic separation and have proven to be a major success in efficiently removing foreign metal bodies from liquid lines in hundreds of applications over many years.

In more recent years, Magnattack Global has developed the RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator. This design, whilst similar to the Pressure Pipeline Magnet, features our patented Acutex Probe Magnets. Read about the benefits of this system here.

Liquid Trap Magnets vs. RE80® Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnets

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Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnets have been proven effective in a wide variety of applications, some of which include syrups, chocolate, soup, sauce, beverages, viscous pet food slurries, ice cream manufacturing, cheese processing, pie manufacturing, brine, fruit juice, and food paste.

With the development of advanced magnetic separation systems, such as the RE80® Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnet, the food industry can be assured of the highest level of metal contamination risk reduction without risking important sanitary and food safety considerations!

As with all Magnattack® equipment, the Liquid PPS is certified by HACCP International and conforms to current industry food safety standards such as International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010.

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Magnattack Global technicians concentrate solely on the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. This specialized focus ensures that we are able to provide a current, relevant, and knowledgeable source in regards to foreign metal fragment control.

Our #1 priority is to create effective solutions that will minimize your risk of metal contamination, food recall, and brand reputation damage.

For more information on the Liquid Pressure Pipeline System or other Magnattack® metal fragment control solutions, including the upgrade of existing Liquid Trap/Finger Pot Magnets, please contact us here.

In addition to the Liquid PPS Magnet, Magnattack Global also manufacture and supply the RE80® Magnet & Filter Combination (MFC). The MFC provides a unique solution which attracts and retains fine microscopic metal contamination that escapes filters.

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*Disclaimer: This information is provided without prejudice and is intended to assist in education regarding developments in magnetic separation technology. Magnattack Global blog posts do not intend to undermine any product, person, manufacturer, or company, but rather intend to provide experienced opinions for assistance to the industry that Magnattack Global associates with. Please refer to Magnattack Global Terms of Use

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