RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separators Prove Effective For Pet Food Manufacturer

It is critical that ferrous metal fragments are removed from pet food prior to final product. This is to prevent a number of consequences, some of which include: 

  • Harm to pets, who may become injured after consuming sharp pieces of metal
  • Product recall
  • Financial and brand name damage. 

Magnattack® Global has recently assisted a large North American pet food manufacturer to increase their metal fragment controls and reduce the above-mentioned risks that are associated with metal contamination in their final pet food product. 

The client contacted our team and relayed their need to improve their metal fragment control in their emulsion lines. After discussing their application in-depth, Magnattack® technicians proposed the new RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator. 

The Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Magnets feature our patented RE80®HT Acutex® Probes. The Acutex® Probe Magnets have been specially designed for enhanced metal fragment attraction and retention, without hindering product flow characteristics. 

Following the installation, the customer commented on the 'excellent service' from Magnattack® and found that the magnets collected significant amounts of fine metal fragments that otherwise would have gone to their customers. Magnattack® has since been working with other plants of the company across North America to control their metal contamination risks.

Magnattack® Global has also partnered with AMR Consulting for the clients' annual Magnet Validation Reports. These reports will provide the client with valuable data regarding the status of their current magnets, any areas of risks that have been identified, and an easy-to-follow corrective action plan to help mitigate these risks. 

A few snapshots from the clients installs:


If you're a pet food manufacturer serious about food safety and metal fragment controls, you can get in contact with our team here today.

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