Magnattack® Develops New Rapidclean® Tubular Grate Magnets for Dry Product Pipelines

Magnattack® Global has developed a new sanitary RE80® Magnetic Separation System for removing metal contaminants and increasing food safety in dry product lines. The first Rapidclean® Tubular Grate Magnets were dispatched last Friday to a client based in New Zealand. 

The magnetic separators will be installed in the client's flour and wheat lines and will provide effective foreign metal fragment control and extraction of weak magnetic fragments such as rust, work-hardened stainless-steel, magnetic stone, and ferrous tramp metal. 


Sanitary Design

The  Rapidclean® Tubular Grate Magnets are designed on sanitary principles to ensure a positive reduction of metal contamination and food safety risks, and consist of a removable open-ended grate magnet inside a cylindrical/tubular housing. 

The removable grate ensures cleaning is conducted well outside of the systems housing to reduce risk of magnets re-entering the product stream. This also allows for full visual inspection of the bars prior to return to the product. 


The system includes our RE80® Magnetic Technology which is uniquely resin encapsulated under high-vacuum to maximize strength life and efficiency over time. 

Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology can be applied for systems installed in highly-abrasive product lines such as wheat and grain. This technology is designed to reduce excessive wear, reduce maintenance, and increase the working life of the magnets. 

The Rapidclean® Tubular Magnets can be installed in product temperatures up to 302°F (150°C). 

The magnet bars are certified to minimum +11,000 Gauss strength. 

Install Options

The Rapidclean® Tubular Grate is designed for dry products such as flour, wheat, rice, powders, sugar, powders, and so on. Dairy-grade units are available for sensitive products such as dairy powders, pharmaceutical powders, infant formulas, and similar.

Currently, the system is available for line sizes 4", 5", 6", 8", and 10", however additional sizes will be available in the near future. 

The magnet can be installed in vertical or sloping gravity feed pipelines. 

Easy Cleaning

Similar to the standard Rapidclean® Grate Magnet designs, the Rapidclean® Tubular Grate Magnet can be easily cleaned using the Rapidclean® Cleaning Tool. 

The Rapidclean® cleaning method is fast, simple, and effective. It also allows operators to visually inspect all magnet bars before they are returned to the product stream.

To clean, all operators must do is follow these 5 short steps: 

1. Loosen the knobs on the magnet door
2. Remove the magnet assembly from the housing
3. Place the magnet assembly on the support bracket (this is well outside of the product stream to avoid recontamination risks) 
4. Using the Rapidclean® Cleaning Tool, push the contaminants down to the dead-end of the bars where they will drop off (no hand contact required!) 
5. Simply remove the now-clean magnet assembly from the support bracket and place back into the housing. 


More information
For more information on the Rapidclean® Tubular Grate Magnetic Separators, for a proposal on magnets to meet your food safety and metal fragment control requirements, or to speak with the Magnattack® technician, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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